KissDate 3 Pack Microfiber Extendable Hand Dusters – Washable Dusting Brush with Telescoping Pole for Easy Cleaning of Hard to Reach Areas



Tired of dust collecting in hard to reach places around your home? Introducing the KissDate 3 Pack Microfiber Extendable Hand Dusters – the easy solution for removing dust from anywhere!

These innovative hand dusters feature a top grade stainless steel telescoping pole that extends from 11 inches up to 29 inches, allowing you to easily dust ceiling fans, drapes, cabinet tops, and more. The pole features sturdy lock buttons to securely hold its place at your desired length.

The microfiber brush head is made of thousands of ultra-fine chenille microfibers that attract and trap dust like a magnet! The soft, plush microfiber gently glides across surfaces to grab and hold dust, dirt, pet hair, and other debris without scratching.

Best of all, the microfiber brush head is completely detachable and machine washable. Simply remove the head and toss it in the washing machine to refresh the fibers. With proper care, the hand duster can be washed and reused over and over again for years of effective dusting.


  • Extendable stainless steel telescoping pole extends from 11″ to 29″ for reaching ceilings, fans, window tops, and more
  • Lock buttons on the pole allow you to secure it at your desired length
  • Super plush chenille microfiber brush head attracts and traps dust without scratching
  • Brush head is completely detachable and machine washable for repeated use
  • Includes 3 hand dusters (red, blue, and yellow) for throughout home cleaning


Reach cobwebs on your ceilings, dust shelves, and wipe down ceiling fan blades with ease. The super plush microfiber brush glides across surfaces, trapping and locking in dust and dirt particles so they don’t resettle later.

Easily dust baseboards, window sills, blinds, windows, wall hangings, artwork, and hard to reach bookcases. Extend the handle up to 29 inches for a comfortable reach.

Remove dust from electronics like TVs, laptops, towers, keyboards, printers, and other devices. The soft microfiber is safe for screens and won’t scratch delicate surfaces.

Perfect for cleaning your car’s dash, mirrors, door panels, console, vents, and other hard to reach crevices that accumulate dust. Just lock the pole at the length you need.

The KissDate Extendable Hand Dusters make routine dusting so much easier! Stubborn dust is no match for the plush microfiber brush head.


The microfiber brush head pops off the telescoping pole with the push of a button for machine washing. Simply detach and toss in the washing machine whenever it needs refreshing. Hang or lay flat to air dry.

The stainless steel pole wipes clean with a damp cloth if needed between washes. With proper care, these hand dusters will provide many years of dusting power.

Buy the KissDate 3 Pack Microfiber Extendable Hand Dusters today and make dusting easier than ever! Your home will sparkle!


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