KINGFINGER Dishwashing Gloves – 2 Pair Heavy Duty Household Cleaning Gloves with Long Cuffs and Flock Lining



Tackle tough messes in the kitchen and around the house while keeping your hands clean and protected with these durable dishwashing gloves from KINGFINGER. Designed for heavy duty cleaning tasks, these reusable vinyl gloves feature extended cuffs and fuzzy flock lining to guard your hands and forearms from water, grease, and chemicals.

The Ultimate Defense Against Messes in the Kitchen and Beyond

With extra long cuffs and fully lined interiors, these household cleaning gloves form a protective barrier between your skin and all kinds of grime. The 13 inch length protects not just your hands, but also your wrists and forearms when tackling sinkfuls of dirty dishes, scrubbing pots and pans, or handling harsh cleaning agents like bleach and degreasers.

The textured grip on the palms and fingers provide a no-slip surface for a firm hold on slippery dishware, wet surfaces, and more. While bare hands struggle to maintain a grip on slick dishes and utensils, these gloves let you power through dish duty with ease.

Comfortable Protection for Extended Wear

Despite their rugged construction, these dishwashing gloves are surprisingly soft and comfortable thanks to the brushed cotton flock lining. The plush interior feels great against skin and absorbs moisture and sweat – so hands stay dry even after hours of use.

The durable vinyl material is also lightweight and flexible, giving you a responsive grip and dexterous fingers for detailed cleaning tasks. And the gap between the glove lining and fingers reduces hand fatigue for comfortable long term wear.

Heat Resistant and Waterproof

Don’t be afraid to crank up the temperature with these high heat resistant gloves! Built to withstand scalding hot water, you can comfortably wash dishes fresh from the oven or boiler without burning your hands. No need for multiple sets of gloves – these work for all cleaning scenarios.

The waterproof vinyl material also keeps hands nice and dry, preventing cracking and pruning even after constant exposure to water, grease, oils, and detergents.

Reusable Household Helpers

Unlike flimsy disposable rubber gloves, these heavy duty cleaning gloves are made to last through hundreds of messes! The durable vinyl stands up to heavy use, and the textured grip shows no signs of wearing down over time.

When it’s time to freshen them up, simply turn the gloves inside out and toss them in the washing machine. The vinyl material won’t fade or deteriorate, and the fuzzy flock lining stays plush and soft. With proper care, each pair can handle up to 500 cycles in the wash for incredible value.

The Multipurpose Glove You’ll Reach For Again and Again

While these long cuff gloves really shine for kitchen duty, their uses extend far beyond dirty dishes. The protective vinyl and grippy texture also make them ideal for tasks like:

  • Scrubbing bathrooms and floors
  • Washing cars, RVs, boats and other vehicles
  • Cleaning pet spaces like litter boxes, crates and aquariums
  • Handling garden chemicals like fertilizer and pesticides
  • Protecting hands during messy DIY projects

Tackle your toughest household chores with ease using these reusable, heavy duty dishwashing and cleaning gloves from KINGFINGER. Don’t settle for flimsy rubber gloves that rip and deteriorate. With plush flock lining and rugged construction, these gloves are built to last through hundreds of household uses!


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