Key West Seafood Co. Smoked Salmon Spread



Take your taste buds on a trip to the Florida Keys with the incredible flavors of Key West Seafood Co. Smoked Salmon Spread. This smooth, creamy dip makes the perfect appetizer for any occasion.

Authentic Smoked Salmon

The fresh salmon is carefully smoked over a blend of local hardwoods to lock in the subtle smoky essence. Unlike mass-produced commercial smoked salmon, Key West Seafood Co. uses artisanal smoking methods for exceptional texture and taste. The salmon develops a lovely hint of wood fire that adds depth without overpowering the supple salmon flavor.

Creamy, Smooth Texture

The smoked salmon is blended with cream cheese, sour cream, lemon, capers, onions, and select seasonings into a refined dip with a velvety texture. Every creamy mouthful spreads effortlessly onto crackers and bread. The dip has an elegant, understated consistency that complements the nuanced smoked salmon.

Tangy, Savory Flavors

Lemon zest and capers provide the perfect counterpoint to the rich salmon, with a bright pop of tangy citrus and briny bite. Diced onions add just a hint of sharpness, allowing the smoky salmon essence to really sing. This gourmet spread balances indulgent salmon with lively flavors for a world-class appetizer dip.

Generous 1 Pound Size

Each tub includes a full pound of the exquisite Key West Seafood Co. smoked salmon dip. Bring out the crackers and vegetables when expecting a crowd. The generous portion size ensures you can keep the party going strong when served alongside other appetizers. Or savor the velvety dip over multiple days during intimate dinners for two.

Easy Entertaining

Impress guests without spending all night in the kitchen. The ready-made salmon spread requires no preparation beyond arranging crackers or slicing vegetables. Simply scoop the elegant dip into a bowl and let your company dive in. The smooth texture also makes this dip perfect for spreading onto breads, bruschetta, and crostini if you want to get creative.

Versatile Ingredient

Incorporate this gourmet smoked salmon into breakfasts, lunches, and dinners too. A schmear on your morning bagel with cream cheese and tomato truly upgrades your rush-hour meal. Add a dollop to seafood pasta, rice bowls, and salads for a luxurious touch. Slather onto sandwiches and wraps for a tasty protein boost.

Gift-Worthy Gourmet Food

For the salmon lover in your life, this smoked salmon spread makes a fantastic gift. Arrive at parties with the dip and crackers artfully arranged in a basket to instantly become the guest bearing the best appetizer. Present the tub for housewarmings, hostess gifts, and birthdays to share a taste of Key West no matter where you live.

From a Floridian Family Business

Key West Seafood Co. was founded in 2013 by a local fisherman who wanted to provide Florida families with premium, sustainable seafood. Today, they produce exceptional Florida fish, crustaceans, and smoked specialties while upholding their commitment to the community and environment. Try their incredible Smoked Salmon Spread to taste Key West flavor at its finest.

Snacking and Recipe Ideas

– Assemble smoked salmon toasts for a pretty passed appetizer
– Top crackers, breads, and bagels for briny, smoky flavor
– Fill celery sticks and cucumber rounds for an easy party bite
– Spread onto croissants or biscuits for an elegant breakfast sandwich
– Mix into scrambled eggs or omelets for protein-packed mornings
– Toss with hot pasta and lemon juice for a rich, creamy pasta dish
– Stuff into tomatoes or sweet peppers as a colorful salad topper
– Swirl into dips and spreads for a savory boost of salmon
– Pipe onto deviled eggs with fresh dill and black pepper

With its velvety texture and well-balanced flavors, Key West Seafood Co. Smoked Salmon Spread makes snacking and entertaining deliciously easy. Each creamy, dreamy bite will have your taste buds longing for a sunny day in the Florida Keys.


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