Kelamayi Upright Pet Hair Broom and Dustpan Set for Quick Floor Cleaning



Tired of constantly bending over to sweep up dirt, dust, pet hair and debris? Introducing the Kelamayi Upright Pet Hair Broom and Dustpan Set, the innovative cleaning duo that allows you to sweep and collect mess while standing upright. No more back strain or fatigue!

This upgraded broom and dustpan combo is designed for quick, easy and comfortable floor cleaning. The extendable handle adjusts from 39.76 to 51.18 inches, so you can customize the height to match your own. Simply twist to lock in your ideal length. Now say goodbye to hunching over and hello to sweeping while standing straight. Your back will thank you!

The Kelamayi broom really stands out with its extra wide head and densely packed bristles. Constructed with 4 rows of ultra stiff, thick bristles made from recycled PET bottles, this broom effortlessly glides across floors and traps dust, dirt and debris with every pass. The extra wide sweeping path cleans floors faster so you can move on to other tasks quicker.

These robust bristles are great for collecting pet hair, crumbs and other messes on hard floors. Stiffer than traditional corn or palm bristles, the PET bristles have extra “grab” to sweep up debris in fewer passes. And the bristles are firmly anchored onto the block head so they won’t loosen or fall out easily.

What really makes cleaning floors a breeze is the upright dustpan’s clever, space-saving design. It stands vertically on its own with a sturdy, wide base that keeps it upright when not in use. The dustpan clips onto the broom for compact storage anywhere – in utility closets, garages, or behind doors. With the duo neatly stashed upright, say goodbye to tripping hazards and clutter.

Sweeping dirt straight into this upright dustpan is smoother than ever thanks to the built-in self-cleaning teeth. Simply glide the broom bristles along the teeth to scrape off debris, dirt, hair and dust into the extra large dustpan bin. No more hand picking hair and dirt out of broom bristles!

The low profile rubber lip also effortlessly glides across floors to collect every spec of dust and dirt in its path. Its slanted ergonomic design keeps the dustpan flush to the floor without needing to bend over. Just sweep and slide – there’s no awkward angles needed to funnel debris into the bin.

With it’s smooth, polished finish, this set adds a touch of modern style to your cleaning routine. The chrome finished handles add some subtle shine. Choose between stylish green, red, black or blue colors to match your home decor.

Ditch the old school broom and rickety dustpan that leave your back aching after cleaning. The Kelamayi Upright Pet Hair Broom and Dustpan Set lets you sweep and tidy floors faster with greater comfort:

  • Extra wide broom head & 4 rows of bristles collect debris faster
  • Adjustable height extends from 39.76 to 51.18 inches
  • Upright self-standing dustpan for compact storage anywhere
  • Built-in dustpan teeth remove dirt from broom bristles
  • Low profile rubber lip gets close to floors for better dust collection
  • Sleek, lightweight design looks great in any home

Craving spotless floors without the back pain? Ditch the old bend-over broom and upgrade to the Kelamayi Upright Broom and Dustpan Set for sweeping comfort. Your floors will be clean and your back will thank you!

Stand Tall While Sweeping Away Dirt, Pet Hair, and Messes

Tired of hunching over and contorting to sweep up debris into an uncooperative dustpan? The days of back-breaking sweeping are over! The Kelamayi Upright Broom and Dustpan set lets you sweep and tidy while standing upright.

Just adjust the broom handle to your ideal height, grip the soft comfort-grip handle, and sweep away! The extendable pole adjusts from 39.76 to 51.18 inches, so people of any height can find their custom fit. Say goodbye to sore, stooped shoulders and hello to sweeping floors with ease.

The key is the innovative upright dustpan design that eliminates the need to bend down. It stands sturdily on its own when not in use. When it’s time to sweep, simply attach the dustpan onto the broom clip for upright sweeping.

Glide debris straight into the waiting dustpan bin without awkward crouching or maneuvering. Just tilt the broom bristles along the built-in cleaning teeth to sweep dirt off the bristles in one quick motion. No need to bend down to empty debris into a trash bin either. Just detach the dustpan to dispose dirt then reattach when done. Easy!

Bid farewell to struggling with a sagging or poorly balanced dustpan. The wide base and rubber rim keep this dustpan firmly in place as you sweep. The low profile lip also improves dirt collection by smoothly gliding across floors. Scoop up every hair, spec of dust and crumb in your path without leaving debris behind.

With the Kelamayi Upright Broom & Dustpan, dirt collection is smoother than ever:

  • Teeth Clean Broom Bristles – No more hand picking out dirt or pet hair from the bristles. Just brush against the teeth to sweep bristles clean.
  • Rubber Rim Lays Flat – The thin rubber lip seals tightly to floor without needing to tilt or angle the dustpan.
  • Wide Sturdy Base – Keeps the dustpan firmly planted while you sweep debris straight in.
  • Extra Large Bin – Holds lots of dust, dirt and pet hair so you empty less often.

Stop dreading sweeping day with lackluster cleaning tools. Keep floors fresh and tidy more easily with the Kelamayi Upright Broom & Dustpan. Stand tall while sweeping away dirt, dust bunnies, crumbs, pet hair, litter and debris. Your back will rejoice!

Sweep Up Dirt, Hair & Debris Faster With 4 Row Bristle Broom

Tackle your floors with confidence using the Kelamayi 4 Row Bristle Broom. This heavy duty broom is constructed with the highest quality materials to make quick work of messy floors.

The extra wide block head provides superior cleaning path to sweep floors faster. Measuring 11 inches wide, the broom head cleans a larger area with fewer back-and-forth motions.

More importantly, the broom bristles are densely packed in 4 staggered rows to capture debris better than budget 2 row brooms. The rows are arranged in a waved pattern so no dust or dirt can sneak through the bristles.

Made from thick, sturdy PET plastic, these bristles are extremely stiff and durable. They won’t bend, loosen or fall out easily. The thick fibers have extra “grab” to sweep up debris quicker whether it’s fine dust or large litter.

Glide this broom across any hard floor surface – tile, vinyl, laminate, hardwoods, etc. The bristles’ stiffness are ideal for collecting pet hair, dander, crumbs and dirt. Scoop litter, debris or dust out of corners easily. These bristles reach into crevices that flimsy corn or palm bristle brooms miss.

Maintain your floors spotless daily without constant broom replacement. The Premium PET bristles retain shape nicely even after months of heavy use. Forget about buying cheap brooms every few months. This workhorse broom withstands daily wear and tear.

Trust the Kelamayi 4 Row Broom to tackle your messes:

  • Wide 11” Head – Extra cleaning path sweeps floors faster.
  • 4 Rows of Bristles – No dust/dirt escapes between bristles.
  • Stiff PET Bristles – Durable plastic bristles for superior cleaning.
  • Easy Edge Cleaning – Reaches into corners and crevices.

Take the hassle out of sweeping with the sturdy, effective cleaning performance of the Kelamayi 4 Row Broom. Sweep floors frequently to maintain tidiness between mopping without wear and tear. This broom is in it for the long haul!



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