KAQ Flock-Lined Rubber Dishwashing Gloves – Slip-Resistant Cleaning Gloves Protect Hands from Messes



Handle dirty dishes and grimy cleaning jobs while keeping hands soft and protected with KAQ Flock-Lined Rubber Dishwashing Gloves. These waterproof household gloves combine PVC durability with a flock-lined cotton interior for comfort and flexibility.

Heavy-Duty PVC Material

The exterior of these dishwashing gloves is made from industrial-grade PVC vinyl. This material is thick enough to be durable and puncture-resistant, but flexible enough to allow dexterity. PVC stands up to hot water, grease, oils and chemicals without cracking or leaking. A textured diamond pattern on the palms and fingers provides a slip-resistant grip, even when hands are wet.

Soft Flocked Cotton Lining

While the PVC exterior provides waterproof protection, the inside liner ensures comfort. The gloves are lined with 100% cotton flocking that creates a soft, comfortable feel against skin. The flocking also aids flexibility in the gloves and absorbs moisture to keep hands dry.

Perfect for All Cleaning Tasks

From scrubbing dishes to cleaning bathrooms and tackling other household chores, these versatile rubber gloves keep hands clean and protected. The 16-inch length covers wrists and forearms, protecting against splashes. Use them for:

  • Washing dishes, pots, pans, utensils
  • Cleaning bathrooms – sinks, showers, toilets, tiles
  • Scrubbing floors, countertops, appliances
  • Cleaning cars, motorcycles, RVs
  • Gardening, pruning thorns, working with dirt
  • Pet grooming, litter box cleaning
  • Handling chemicals, detergents, grease

The textured grip allows you to keep a firm hold on slippery dishware, pull weeds with ease, and handle cleaning tasks.

Comfortable Design

These rubber cleaning gloves are designed for flexibility and ease:

  • 100% cotton flock lining for comfort and breathability
  • Textured PVC pattern for slip-resistant grip
  • Curved fingers follow the natural shape of hands
  • Rolled cuff for easy on/off
  • 16-inch length protects wrists and forearms from liquids

The cotton flocking eliminates irritation, while the thick rubber exterior provides protection. Enjoy full range of motion without sacrificing safety.

Built to Last

While rubber can break down over time, these gloves are made from commercial-grade PVC that resists cracking and tearing. The dense material won’t puncture easily. With proper care, these dish gloves provide long-lasting performance through hundreds of washes.

Completely Waterproof Household Gloves

Don’t compromise protection – these vinyl gloves are 100% waterproof to keep hands dry. The smooth surface allows quick rinsing as well. Hot, soapy water won’t seep through, so hands stay comfortable even after prolonged use.

Easy Care

These reusable dishwashing gloves can be used repeatedly over time with proper care. Wash gloves in warm, soapy water after each use and hang to dry. Proper storage helps maintain longevity.

Pick up this 3-pack of KAQ Flock-Lined Rubber Dishwashing Gloves for all your household cleaning and dishwashing needs. Your hands will stay dry and comfortable no matter the mess!

Customer Questions and Answers

How thick are the PVC gloves?

The PVC material is a medium thickness – thick enough for durability but still flexible. They are about 0.3mm thick.

Are the gloves scratchy inside?

No, the 100% cotton flocking creates a smooth, comfortable interior so the gloves do not irritate skin.

Do the gloves have a bad rubber smell?

No, these vinyl gloves have no unpleasant rubber odor.

Are the gloves easy to get on and off?

Yes, the rolled cuff and flexible material allow you to easily slide the gloves on and off your hands.

Can the gloves go in the washing machine?

Hand washing is recommended to preserve the material. Machine washing may deteriorate the gloves over time.

What are the gloves made out of?

The gloves consist of an exterior PVC shell with an interior cotton flocking liner.

Do these gloves offer chemical protection?

The PVC material provides protection from some household chemicals, but they are not impervious to all chemicals.

Do the gloves run big or small?

The sizing runs pretty true to average hand size. Measure your hand circumference to find your ideal fit.

Are the gloves reusable over time?

Yes, with proper care these vinyl gloves can be reused many times for household cleaning tasks.


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