Jamaican Style Coco Bread – Soft & Chewy 4 Pack Loaves – 16oz Perfect for Patties



Experience the authentic taste of Jamaica with these handy packs of Jamaican style Coco bread loaves. The perfect accompaniment for empanadas, Jamaican patties and more!

Each pack contains 4 loaves of our soft and chewy Coco bread weighing 16 oz each. We expertly recreate this Caribbean bakery staple to match the dense texture and signature sweetness that Jamaicans love.


  • Pack of 3 – each contains 4 loaves (16 oz each)
  • Authentic Jamaican style Coco bread
  • Soft, dense and chewy texture
  • Sweet flavor perfect for pairing
  • No coconut – Named “Coco” bread by Jamaicans
  • Made in America

This is the ideal bread for making the quintessential Jamaican snack – Patties stuffed inside a coco bread roll. The sweet coco bread perfectly balances the spicy filling.

Simply cut a pocket into the loaf and stuff with your favorite patty. Beef, chicken, veggies, or spicy – any filling pairs deliciously.

Of course, our coco bread also shines on its own. Enjoy a loaf just as it comes for a satisfying sweet treat. The texture is soft and dense with a distinct chew.

It has a slightly sweet flavor reminiscent of Hawaiian rolls. But unlike many sweet breads, it’s not overly sugary or cake-like. We strike the perfect balance of subtle sweetness.

Jamaicans have dubbed this bread “coco” bread, although it contains no coconut. The term coco derives from the Spanish word “cococho” for a small seashell. Locals thought the round shape and crackled top of the loaf resembled a shell.

Our bakery faithfully recreates all the qualities that make true Jamaican Coco Bread so craveable. We use high-quality ingredients and old world techniques for authentic flavor and texture.

The loaves bake up with a subtly sweet, yet still neutral taste that accents other ingredients without overpowering. The interior has a dense, cotton-soft crumb with outstanding chew.

The top cracks in that iconic manner unique to coco bread. While the interior stays soft, the crust turns out crispy. It’s perfect for tearing off pieces to enjoy on their own.

Keep these Coco bread packs stocked in the freezer so you can enjoy fresh, delicious loaves anytime. Thaw what you need overnight on the counter or for a couple hours in the fridge.

Try it as the finishing touch on:

  • Jamaican Patties – slip inside a coco bread roll
  • Empanadas
  • Hot dogs
  • Hamburgers
  • Sub sandwiches
  • French toast
  • Eggs Benedict
  • Bread pudding
  • Garlic bread

With a subtly sweet taste, pleasing texture, and signature Jamaican style, our Coco bread is sure to become a new favorite. Enjoy the convenience of fresh baked flavor whenever you crave it.

Order a pack and experience this Caribbean baking tradition for yourself today!


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