Hyland’s Baby Cold & Cough Duo – Day & Night Relief



Is your little one feeling under the weather? Help soothe their stuffy nose, cough, and irritability with Hyland’s Baby Cold & Cough Duo. This value pack contains both daytime and nighttime relief to provide natural symptom relief around the clock.

The Daytime Relief tackles congestion and coughs to help your baby breathe easier and more comfortably throughout the day. The Nighttime Relief promotes sleep while also relieving coughs, for restful sleep when it’s needed most.

Find Relief with Natural Ingredients

All Hyland’s products are made with natural active ingredients that are safe for babies and children. The Baby Cold & Cough Duo contains:

  • Pulsatilla – Soothes mucus discharge and congestion
  • Euphrasia – Addresses irritating coughs and eye drainage
  • Belladonna – Alleviates fever, sore throat, and nasal congestion

These gentle ingredients work with your little one’s body to open airways, loosen mucus, reduce coughing, and provide soothing relief without the use of alcohol, dyes, or artificial flavors.

Trusted Relief from Head to Chest

When that stuffy nose and hacking cough set in, you want a safe solution you can rely on. Hyland’s has over 100 years of experience crafting natural homeopathic medicines for the whole family.

The Baby Cold & Cough Duo brings two proven formulas together to relieve cold and flu symptoms from head to chest:

  • Daytime Relief – Clears mucus from nose, throat, and chest. Reduces coughing fits and discomfort.
  • Nighttime Relief – Aids restful sleep. Calms coughs and congestion overnight.

The oxymetazoline-free formulas avoid rebound swelling and are non-drowsy during the day. Give your baby the relief they need for playful days and peaceful nights.

Easy Administration for Little Ones

Getting your wiggly little one to take medicine can be challenging. Hyland’s Baby Cold & Cough Duo comes in a known and trusted syrup form that’s easy to administer.

The formulas contain a blend of natural active ingredients along with a cherry flavor that babies tolerate well. Use the included dosing cup to accurately measure out the proper dosage by age and repeat every 2-4 hours as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages can use the Baby Cold & Cough Duo?

The reliefs are designed for babies 6 months and older. Consult a pediatrician before use if your baby is under 6 months.

How long does one pack last?

Each 4 fl oz bottle provides up to 23 doses. The full duo contains nearly a month’s supply for one child.

Are the reliefs safe to use together?

Yes, the day and night formulas are designed to complement each other for 24 hour relief.

Can I give more than the recommended dose?

Stick to the proper dosage for your baby’s age and do not exceed. More is not necessarily better with homeopathics.

Bring comfort to your baby’s cold and cough symptoms with the safe and effective natural relief of Hyland’s Baby Cold & Cough Duo. Order now for nose to chest symptom relief.


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