Hormel No Salt Added Chunk Chicken Breast – Ready to Eat Protein Packed Poultry



Discover the quick protein power of Hormel No Salt Added Chunk Chicken Breast. This canned chunk chicken is perfectly cooked, ready to enjoy, and packed with lean protein in every bite.

Hormel’s premium chunk light chicken breast is gently cooked, then packed in water so it’s moist and tender. Each 5 ounce can contains delicious chunks of 100% real chicken breast meat with no salt added during processing.

Grab a can of this no salt added canned chicken when you need a fast protein boost or as the start of a nutritious meal. Keep a pack in your pantry for quick and easy high protein lunches and dinners.

High Quality Protein

A 5 ounce serving contains 9 grams of satisfying protein from farm-raised chicken. Protein helps curb hunger by keeping you feeling fuller longer. The lean poultry protein in Hormel chunk chicken breast supports maintaining and building muscle.

98% Fat Free

Each serving contains just 1 gram of fat. You get all the nutrition of chicken without the skin or excess fat. It’s an effortless way to add lean protein to your diet.

No Salt Added

This canned chunk chicken breast contains no salt added during processing for a healthier nutritional profile. Use it to reduce sodium intake or add your own seasoning.

Fully Cooked & Ready to Eat

No prep or cooking required! Hormel chunk chicken is fully cooked so you can enjoy it directly from the can. Keep a supply on hand for quick high protein snacks and meals.

No Refrigeration Needed

The canned chicken stays fresh without refrigeration until opened. Tuck cans in your desk, gym bag, or car for protein anywhere. There’s no mess or leftovers to store.

Gluten Free & Keto-Friendly

The no salt added canned chicken is a natural gluten free and keto-friendly option containing 0g net carbs. It fits low carb, paleo, and high protein diets.

Nutritious Canned Meat

Canned chicken offers an affordable, long-lasting meat that contains more nutrition than many pricey fresh meats. The canning process locks in the natural protein, nutrients, and flavor.

Non-GMO Ingredients

Hormel chunk chicken breast contains no GMO ingredients, so you can feel good about what you’re eating.

Versatile Canned Protein

– Add to salads, bowls, wraps or grain bowls for an instant protein increase.

– Make chicken salad sandwiches with mayo.

– Top soups, casseroles and pizza with extra protein.

– Mix into pasta, rice or quinoa dishes.

– Create quick high protein snacks by adding to crackers or stuffing into celery.

– Use in any recipe that calls for cooked chicken.

Perfect Pantry Staple

Keep your kitchen stocked with no salt added canned chicken breast for easy meals when you’re busy or as the start to a meal. It’s cooked protein you can grab from the pantry anytime.

Long Lasting & Non-Perishable

The canned chicken stays fresh on your shelf for over a year until opened. There’s no worry about spoilage, freezer burn or thawing. Canned meat is a smart emergency food for storms or disasters.

Camping & Travel Protein

Pack canned chicken breast when camping or traveling so you have an easy high protein meal option without refrigeration needed. It’s also great for college care packages.

Less Waste

Canned meat is an eco-friendly choice with less plastic waste compared to fresh chicken. There’s no discarded bones, skin or excess fat from whole chicken pieces.

Discover quick and easy high protein meals with Hormel No Salt Added Chunk Chicken Breast. This premium canned chicken is cooked, ready to eat, and packed with lean protein. Keep it on hand for nutritious meals in minutes!


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