HORMEL Chili Chunky Beef Chili with Beans – Protein-Packed Chili Made with Real Beef



Satisfy Your Chili Cravings with Thick, Hearty Chunks of Beef

Craving a bowl of hearty chili? Look no further than HORMEL Chili Chunky Beef Chili with Beans. This savory chili is made with real chunks of beef simmered in a rich, tomato-based sauce with beans, spices, and seasoning. Each spoonful delivers a meaty, satisfying mouthfeel that chili lovers crave.

This convenient 15 oz can of HORMEL chili is ready to eat straight out of the can – no preparation needed. Simply pop the tab and heat for a quick protein-packed meal or snack. The chunks of beef make this chili extra hearty and filling. It’s perfect for those chilly nights when you want something warm and comforting.

16g of Protein Per Serving to Help Keep You Full

Each serving provides 16g of protein to help keep you feeling full and satisfied. Protein plays an important role in building and preserving lean muscle, so this chili makes a great post-workout recovery food. The protein comes from the generous chunks of beef along with the beans.

Beans add fiber and key nutrients like iron, magnesium, and potassium. This winning protein-fiber combo helps stabilize blood sugar levels and keeps you feeling energized for hours after your meal.

Real Ingredients You Can Recognize and Pronounce

HORMEL Chili contains no artificial ingredients, flavors, or preservatives – just real food ingredients like beef, beans, tomato puree, chili peppers, onion, garlic, cumin, and sea salt.

You can recognize and pronounce every ingredient on the label. HORMEL prioritizes using real, quality ingredients to create an authentic chili taste you and your family will love. This chili contains no high fructose corn syrup or MSG.

Convenient and Versatile – Endless Ways to Enjoy

This canned chili is an extremely versatile pantry staple meal solution. Enjoy it as-is straight from the can, or use it in all kinds of delicious recipes:

  • Top hot dogs or hamburgers
  • Serve over pasta, rice, or baked potatoes
  • Stuff into bread bowls or rolls
  • Top nachos, tacos, or fries
  • Fold into omelets or breakfast burritos
  • Use in casseroles, enchiladas, or stuffed peppers
  • Simmer with additional veggies like corn, carrots, or tomatoes

The possibilities are endless! Canned chili is a quick and easy way to inject flavor into lackluster leftovers and simple ingredients you have on hand.

About the Brand

HORMEL Chili is brought to you by Hormel Foods Corporation, a respected American food company. Headquartered in Austin, Minnesota, Hormel has a strong legacy of innovation and high-quality food products.

The company was founded by George A. Hormel in 1891, who set out to create foods with integrity and flavor. This quest for excellence and taste continues today across Hormel’s offerings like SPAM, bacon toppings, pepperoni, and of course – chili!

Over 75% of American homes have at least one Hormel product, a testament to their mass appeal. They aim to create convenience without compromise by using premium ingredients and simple recipes.

Try HORMEL Chili Today!

Satisfy your chili cravings with HORMEL Chili Chunky Beef Chili with Beans. This hearty chili is made with real chunks of beef, beans, and a signature blend of spices. It’s protein-packed, convenient, versatile, and made with quality ingredients by a brand you can trust.

This canned chili is perfectly shelf-stable until opened. Stock up so you’ll always have a quick and filling meal option ready when hunger strikes. Pop open a can and enjoy authentic chili flavor – just like homemade but without all the work.


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