Hormel Authentic Beef Tamales, Pack of 12 – Ready-to-Heat Convenience Meals



Hormel Beef Tamales

Satisfy your cravings with the rich, savory taste of Hormel Authentic Beef Tamales. Made with seasoned beef in a chili sauce, these tamales deliver the true tamale experience you know and love. This pack of 12 individually wrapped tamales provides on-the-go convenience – just heat and eat for a quick, delicious meal or snack any time.

Authentic Taste You’ll Love

Hormel has been making tamales for over 90 years using time-honored traditions and original recipes. These tamales feature premium cuts of beef simmered in a signature chili sauce made from a blend of traditional spices like garlic, cumin, and chili peppers. The masa is crafted from quality corn masa flour and has just the right consistency – moist and fluffy. With each bite, you’ll taste the authentic tamale flavor.

Convenient Ready-to-Heat Individual Packages

Forget lengthy prep time – these tamales are ready to heat and eat in just minutes. The individual packages make it easy to prepare just what you need, when you want it. Keep them stocked in your pantry or freezer for quick meals and snacks anytime.

Versatile Meal and Snack Option

Enjoy Hormel Beef Tamales as a main dish, side, appetizer or late-night snack. Serve them topped with cheese, salsa, guacamole or sour cream for extra flavor. They’re great on their own or wrapped in a tortilla. Heat and pack for meals on-the-go or enjoy at home with family and friends.

Quality Ingredients You Can Trust

Hormel sources only premium cuts of beef and quality spices for exceptional flavor in every bite. You can trust Hormel to deliver the authentic tamale taste you love. Their commitment to quality ingredients and culinary excellence shines through in this timeless favorite.

Satisfy Your Tamale Cravings

With Hormel Beef Tamales, satisfying your tamale craving is easy and delicious. Keep your pantry stocked so you can enjoy the rich, bold beef flavor anytime. This resealable pack of 12 makes it convenient to enjoy just what you need. Heat and eat for a quick meal or snack.


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