HooLing 2 Pairs Mop Slippers Microfiber Cleaning Dusting Unisex Washable House Mopping Slippers



Make chores fun with these adorable and practical mop slippers! These microfiber slippers allow you to clean your floors while walking around your home. The soft cotton liner keeps your feet comfortable while the microfiber outer attracts dust, dirt, hair and more as you walk. Clean floors have never been so easy and enjoyable!


  • Includes 2 pairs of mop slippers – one rose red, one green. Unisex sizing fits men’s shoes 7-9 and women’s shoes 8-10 or men’s shoes 9-10 and women’s shoes 11-12.
  • Made of soft cotton and linen interior for comfort along with microfiber chenille exterior that attracts and traps dirt.
  • Thickened non-slip sole grips floors to prevent slips and falls.
  • Machine washable and reusable – toss in washer to refresh.
  • Adorable house slipper design with bright colors adds fun to chores.
  • Ideal for hard floors including wood, tile, laminate, vinyl, and more.

Tackle your to-do list while keeping floors clean with these innovative mop slippers! The microfiber outer material is specially designed to attract dust, dirt, pet hair, and other debris that can collect on hard floors.

As you walk around your home doing daily activities, the slippers pick up messes so you don’t have to stop to sweep or mop. The soft cotton inner lining keeps your feet cozy while the microfiber exterior gets to work.

With thickened non-slip soles, these slippers grip flooring to prevent slips or falls. The cute house slipper design also brings a bit of fun and style to cleaning! Bright rose red and green colors liven up chore time.

Multipurpose Household Cleaning Tool

These revolutionary mop slippers take the hassle out of keeping floors clean. Just slip them on and go about your routine – make breakfast, get ready for work, play with the kids. The slippers attach to dirt, dust, hair and debris that collects on hard floors over time.

By walking around in these slippers, you can efficiently give floors a quick clean whenever needed. Skipping the mop, broom and kneeling to scrub floors makes daily or weekly cleaning a breeze!

Use these time-saving slippers all over your home:

  • Kitchen – Wear while cooking, doing dishes, or preparing meals to keep kitchen floors crumb and mess-free.
  • Bathrooms – Slip on after showers to wipe up drips, hair and lint.
  • Bedrooms – Put on in the morning to gather dust, dirt and pet fur.
  • Entryways – Step into to collect mud, snow, grass and debris from outside.
  • Offices – Multitask while tidying up dust and dirt from desk work.

Any space with tile, wood, laminate, vinyl or other hard flooring is perfect for these mop slippers. The microfiber material attracts and holds onto dry messes that accumulate over time.

Reusable and Machine Washable

Don’t throw away these handy cleaning slippers – reuse them again and again! When the microfiber exterior starts to look dirty, simply toss the slippers in the washing machine. The microfiber material can be washed repeatedly without losing its dirt-attracting abilities.

Air dry the mop slippers and they’ll be fresh and ready for more floor cleaning action. Having a few pairs makes it easy to cycle some in the wash while wearing another set.

Replace paper towels, chemical-laden cleaners and single-use mop pads with these sustainable microfiber slippers. Their reusable design saves money while reducing waste!

Creative Household Helper

These ingenious slippers provide a fun and creative way to clean floors in your home. Who said chores can’t be enjoyable? The cute mop slipper design brings a smile while getting the job done.

Free up your hands for other tasks while keeping floors clean. Drink your morning coffee or fold laundry while donning the slippers. Entertain kids, pets or family while silently sweeping up dirt in the background.

Multitask and get more accomplished as you go about your regular routine. No need to repeatedly stop activities just to wipe floors. Let the slippers clean for you while staying productive!

Experience the satisfaction of tidier floors without extra work. Just wear these slippers to effortlessly maintain clean spaces. They reduce time spent sweeping, vacuuming and mopping hard floors.

Bringing joy and simplicity to household duties, these are so much more than just slippers! They are a cleaning tool and home helper all in one.


  • Slipper size: 10.5 x 3 inches (men’s 7-9, women’s 8-10) or 10.8 x 3 inches (men’s 9-10, women’s 11-12)
  • Materials: Cotton, linen, microfiber chenille, coral fleece
  • Colors: Rose red, green
  • Machine washable – air dry
  • Non-slip sole
  • Unisex sizing

Revolutionize floor cleaning with this 2 pack of reusable mop slippers. Their unique microfiber fabric attracts and picks up dust, dirt, hair and debris as you walk around your home.

Ditch the mop and broom for these washable, eco-friendly slippers! Enjoy tidier floors effortlessly while going about your daily routine.


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