Hint Kids Water Variety Pack – 32 Boxes of Purified Fruit-Flavored Water for Kids – Cherry, Watermelon, Apple & Blackberry



Keep your kids hydrated and healthy with the Hint Kids Water Variety Pack. This pack includes 32 boxes (8 of each flavor) of Hint’s popular kids fruit-flavored water in Cherry, Watermelon, Apple and Blackberry flavors.

Hint Kids Water offers all the pure refreshment of water, with just a touch of delicious fruit flavor that kids love. It has zero sugar, zero calories, and zero sweeteners of any kind. This makes Hint Kids a smart alternative to sugary juice drinks. Kids get great taste without all the added sugar.

Deliciously Refreshing Fruit-Flavored Water

Hint extracts natural essences from real fruits to give its waters incredibly accurate, fresh-picked fruit tastes. We use no artificial flavors or preservatives of any kind. The result is refreshingly flavored water that lets the pure taste of fruits shine through.

Kids will love the bursts of flavor in every sip. Parents will love that Hint has:

  • No sugar
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No preservatives
  • No calories
  • No sodium
  • No bad stuff!

Just pure, delicious flavor from natural fruit essences to turn plain old water into a tasty, hydrating treat.

Help Kids Stay Hydrated

Doctors and health experts recommend that children drink lots of water each day to stay properly hydrated. But getting kids to drink enough plain water can be a challenge. They often find it boring.

That’s where Hint Kids comes in! Our fruit-flavored waters make drinking water exciting. Kids get pumped to “drink the rainbow” of delicious Hint flavors. Parents can feel good knowing they are drinking a healthy beverage that’s perfectly safe to enjoy as much as they want.

Hint Kids has purified water as the main ingredient. The light fruit flavors provide taste kids crave without overwhelming the pure water refreshment.

Why Parents & Kids Love Hint Kids

No Sugar, No Problems: Unlike sugary juice drinks, Hint Kids has zero sugar and zero calories, so it won’t overstimulate kids or cause sugar crashes.

Variety is the Spice of Life: This variety pack includes four top flavors to give kids variety and prevent flavor fatigue. The assorted flavors keep water exciting day after day.

Convenient Packaging: The 6.75oz juice box-style pouches make Hint Kids easy to toss in a backpack or lunchbox. They are resealable, so kids can enjoy some now and save the rest for later. No spills!

Naturally Flavored: Using only real fruit essences and no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, Hint Kids offers wholesome, better-for-you refreshment.

Easy to Take on the Go: The handy pouches don’t require refrigeration, so pack them in the car, send them to camp, or let kids stash them in their rooms. Hint is ready anywhere and anytime!

A Trusted Brand: Hint has been creating award-winning fruit-infused beverages since 2005. They lead the way in healthy flavored waters for adults and now for kids too.

Four Thirst-Quenching Favorites

This variety pack includes 32 pouches total, with 8 boxes of each popular Hint Kids flavor:

Cherry: Tart cherry flavor will make kids pucker up before they smile in thirst-quenching delight. It’s perfectly sweet cherry taste without all the sugar.

Watermelon: Juicy watermelon flavor bursting with summertime vibes. It’s sweet watermelon to the rind, minus the sticky face!

Apple: Take a crunchy bite out of juicy apple flavor. All of the crisp, appley taste kids love without any artificial anything.

Blackberry: Plump blackberry flavor that’ll send their tastebuds soaring like popping perfect blackberry bubbles. Minus seeds stuck in their teeth!

With each sip, kids will enjoy picking out the fruit flavors in their mouth. It’s delicious water they look forward to drinking.

Drink Healthy, Hydrated Happiness

Childhood is meant for active play, creative thinking, and healthy bodies and minds. With Hint Kids variety packs in your pantry, you can be sure your children have access to wholesome hydration they’ll love. Ditch sugary juice and switch your family to the pure, fruity flavors of Hint Kids Waters today!


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