Handy Pelagicus Premium Lump Crab Meat (1 Pound)



Indulge in the sweet, succulent flavor of Handy Pelagicus premium lump crab meat. Harvested from the cold, clear waters of the North Pacific, this wild-caught crab meat offers a delicate taste and tender bite in every serving.

Wild-Caught Premium Lump Crab

Handy Pelagicus crab meat starts with wild-caught Pelagicus crab sourced from the pristine waters of the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska. The snowy white lump crab meat is carefully hand-picked and packaged within hours to ensure premium freshness and flavor. With no additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients, this is crab meat at its purest form.

Sweet, Succulent Flavor

Take your first bite of Handy Pelagicus lump crab meat and you’ll be hooked. Harvested from male Pelagicus crab, the meat offers a sweeter, more delicate flavor than other crab varieties. Each lump boasts a tender, moist texture that practically melts in your mouth. The sweet, briny flavor pairs perfectly with seafood dishes, pastas, salads and more.

Versatile, Premium Crab Meat

This wild-caught lump crab meat elevates any recipe. Flake the chilled meat over fresh salads or pasta dishes for a pop of sweet crab flavor. Sauté with butter and fresh herbs for crab cakes, stuffed mushrooms or crab dip. For special occasions, enjoy straight from the container or shape into crab salad served on crackers. However you use it, this premium lump crab meat adds luxurious taste to everyday dishes and gourmet creations alike.

Only the Finest Crab Meat

To ensure only the finest quality crab, each lump is hand-inspected, hand-picked, and hand-packaged. Unlike other crab products that may contain shell fragments or cartilage, each package of Handy Pelagicus lump crab contains only 100% crab meat. With no additives or preservatives, you get only the pure, natural sweet flavor of premium wild-caught crab.

Harvested and Produced in the USA

Sustainably harvested in the pristine cold waters of Alaska, this premium crab lump meat is shipped directly to the Handy Pelagicus production facility in the Pacific Northwest. Within hours of being caught, the meat is packaged by hand, ensuring the freshest crab possible. By supporting Handy Pelagicus, you’re supporting American fishermen and family-owned businesses.

Premium Fresh or Frozen Crab

Handy Pelagicus lump crab meat is available fresh or frozen. The fresh meat is packed immediately after processing to lock in flavor and texture. For longer shelf life, try the frozen crab meat. Flash frozen at sea, the meat defrosts beautifully while retaining its signature sweet taste and tender bite.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With its delicate flavor, moist texture, and pure taste, this wild-caught lump crab meat brings luxurious quality and versatility to everyday meals. We stand behind every package of Handy Pelagicus premium crab. If you aren’t completely satisfied, just let us know and we’ll make it right.

Handy Pelagicus Premium Lump Crab Meat

Treat yourself to the exquisite sweet flavor of wild-caught Alaskan crab with Handy Pelagicus premium lump meat. Perfect for crab cakes, seafood pasta, salads, and more, this versatile crab elevates any dish. Order today and taste the difference of 100% pure, additive-free lump crab meat harvested fresh from the icy Pacific waters.


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