Green Jay Gourmet Applewood Smoked Chipotle Bacon Salt – Smoky & Spicy Seasoning for Meats, Veggies & More – Vegan & Gluten Free (8 oz)



Transform Any Dish into a Gourmet Delight with Green Jay’s Chipotle Bacon Salt

Love adding a smoky, savory bacon flavor to foods but want to keep it healthy? Green Jay’s Chipotle Bacon Salt is the answer. This innovative seasoning adds a mouthwatering smoky bacon taste to anything it touches – no actual bacon required!

Crafted from premium applewood smoked salt, chipotle peppers, and spices, it carries layers of flavor in each flake. A pinch is all you need to infuse a deliciously crispy, peppery bacon essence into meats, veggies, eggs, cocktails, and more. Keep a shaker handy to elevate everyday meals into restaurant-worthy fare.

All the Sweet, Smoky, Spicy Essence of Bacon Without the Guilt

This seasoning is a flavor powerhouse, packing the satisfying taste of bacon into a convenient salt blend. It provides that coveted umami mouthfeel and aromatic scent of sizzling bacon. But unlike real bacon, it’s low in calories, fat, and preservatives.

Sprinkle it on salads, meats, baked potatoes, and anything craving a pop of flavor. It makes the perfect finishing salt to round out grilled chicken, steak, burgers, ribs, chili, soups, and more with a smoky kiss of bacon. Healthy never tasted so good!

Flavor Your Food, Not Your Fingers!

Thanks to its fine grain, this bacon-flavored salt blends easily and sticks to food without getting all over your fingers. The flakes carry flavor to the palate while dissolving smoothly into each bite. Infuse the essence of bacon into dishes without the greasy mess.

Crafted From Thoughtfully Selected Ingredients

At Green Jay, we start with premium applewood smoked salt, a beloved base salt with an enticing smoky aroma. To this, we add earthy chipotle pepper for subtle heat and dried spices like garlic, paprika, and mustard for zest. Finally, natural hickory smoke flavor replicates sizzling bacon essence.

We use only real, recognizable ingredients to provide authentic flavor. There are no artificial preservatives, flavors, MSG, or junk – just tasty spice blends! Our small-batch crafting process also makes this vegan and gluten-free.

Tantalize Taste Buds with Our Gourmet Flavors

In addition to our smash-hit Chipotle Bacon Salt, we also offer unique varieties like:

– Hickory Bacon – For traditional smoky bacon flavor
– Espresso – Infuses rich coffee notes
– Habanero – Fiery version for spice lovers
– Cracked Pepper – For fans of bold cracked pepper

With this range of gourmet flavors, you can tailor each meal to your taste. Keep them all on hand to shock and awe guests at your next dinner party!

Enliven Any Dish, From Classic to Creative

The smoky aroma and robust taste make this seasoning incredibly versatile in sweet and savory dishes:

– Rub on meats before grilling or roasting
– Season burgers, steaks, ribs, chops
– Rim cocktail glasses for a bacon-tini
– Sprinkle on baked potatoes, fries, tots
– Fold into dips, cheese balls, and spreads
– Toss with popcorn, nuts, roasted veggies
– Add to deviled eggs, twice-baked potatoes
– Use in place of bacon bits on salads, pastas
– Sprinkle on breakfasts – eggs, avocado toast
– Fold into batter for bacon pancakes or waffles
– Add smoky depth to soups, stews, chili

With its incredible blend of flavors, the uses are endless. Let your creativity run wild!

Why Green Jay Bacon Salt is Better

Not all bacon salts are created equal. Here’s why culinary pros and home cooks choose ours:

– Crafted from Artisan Applewood Smoked Salt – Superior foundation for deep flavor
– Infused with Real Spices – No artificial flavors or MSG
– Naturally Hickory Smoked – Gives authentic aroma of sizzling bacon
– Optimized Blend of Smoky, Salty, Spicy – Perfectly balanced taste
– Redistributes Well – Flavor touches all parts of the food
– Blends Easily Without Clumping

Treat your tastebuds to that satisfying flavor punch on anything and everything. Click Add to Cart now to get cooking and baking with this bacon match made in heaven!


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