Funtable Chicken BBQ Rub – The Secret to Perfectly Flavored Chicken, Meat, Steak & Grilled Veggies



Take your grilling game to new heights with Funtable Chicken BBQ Rub. This savory and tasty blend is expertly crafted to infuse rich, complex flavors into chicken, meat, steak, and grilled vegetables.

Funtable starts with the highest quality ingredients to create an incredible depth of flavor. Garlic powder, whey powder, fried soybean powder, red pepper powder, black pepper powder, and thyme powder are combined to make a rub that masks undesirable flavors while delivering a delicious, natural taste.

The garlic and thyme provide background warmth and earthiness. Red pepper powder adds a touch of heat while the black pepper creates a peppery zing. Fried soybean powder enhances the savory umami flavors in meat. And whey powder balances it all out with its slightly sweet, creamy notes.

While most rubs stop at surface flavor, Funtable’s super-fine grain salt ensures maximum flavor infusion. The small grains dissolve quickly into marinades, sauces, and oils to penetrate deep into meats. Even the most inexpensive cuts become tender and bursting with flavor after a good coating of Chicken BBQ Rub.

This versatile seasoning can be used on all types of meat and vegetables:

For Chicken:

– Rub under the skin of whole chickens or pieces before roasting for incredible flavor. The whey powder helps it caramelize beautifully.

– Coat chicken thighs or drumsticks before grilling. It forms a flavor-packed crust while keeping the interior moist and juicy.

– Mix the rub into any homemade or store-bought BBQ sauce and use as a baste when grilling chicken. It adds incredible depth.

For Beef & Pork:

– Make a wet rub for steaks by mixing 2 parts Chicken BBQ Rub with 1 part olive oil. Slather on before grilling for maximum flavor infusion.

– Sprinkle liberally over tri-tip, brisket, ribs, or pork roasts before smoking or grilling low-and-slow. It forms a seasoned crust called bark.

– Add 2 tbsp to ground beef just before patties are formed for juicy, seasoned burgers.

For Seafood:

– Coat shrimp or scallops with a wet rub made with Chicken BBQ Rub, olive oil, and lemon juice before grilling. Amazing caramelized flavors.

– Sprinkle on halibut, tuna, salmon, or swordfish steaks before pan-searing to form an incredibly savory crust while keeping the interior moist.

For Vegetables:

– Toss potato wedges, carrots, squash, or eggplant with oil and Chicken BBQ Rub before roasting for deep, rich flavors.

– Brush portobello mushroom caps with oil first, then sprinkle with the rub before grilling. Umami perfection.

Funtable Chicken BBQ Rub adds incredible flavor and versatility to everyday meals, taking your cooking to the next level. It’s sugar-free, gluten-free, and contains zero calories per serving, making it diet-friendly. With Funtable, you can craft restaurant-quality dishes in your own kitchen. Experience the flavor and discover why it’s the secret ingredient of top chefs.


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