FixiZy Kitchen Cleaning Gloves 3 Pairs-Reusable Rubber Gloves Non-Slip Laundry Kitchen Gardening Household Gloves(Long Cuff)



Keep Your Hands Protected While Tackling Any Mess with FixiZy’s Reusable Rubber Cleaning Gloves

Doing the dishes, tidying up around the house, working in the garden – all of these tasks require you to get your hands dirty. But you don’t have to sacrifice soft, clean hands just to get things done. With FixiZy’s reusable rubber cleaning gloves, you can protect your hands while tackling any chore.

Made from flexible, durable vinyl, these household cleaning gloves shield your hands from water, grease, chemicals, and more. The textured grip on the palms and fingers provides a non-slip surface so you can hang onto slippery dishes, tools, and other items. Plus, the extra long cuffs measuring 19.5 inches keep splashes, drips, and spills from running down your arms.

Tough Protection for Heavy Duty Cleaning

Don’t let thin disposable gloves slow you down – FixiZy cleaning gloves are made to be reusable and extra strong. The vinyl material resists rips, punctures, and leaks even after repeated use. No need to stop what you’re doing to change flimsy gloves that tear easily. These durable gloves also provide better dexterity and sensitivity versus thicker rubber gloves, so you can scrub, wipe, and handle items with ease.

Shield your hands from harsh cleaning chemicals, soaps, detergents, grease, and grime without the gloves degrading over time. Use them worry-free for scrubbing stubborn dried food off pots and pans, wiping up spills, cleaning bathrooms, doing laundry, washing the car, handling trash and recycling, and any other messy chore.

Snug Fit for Optimal Performance

Loose fitting gloves hamper your ability to grip and maneuver your hands precisely. FixiZy cleaning gloves feature a contoured shape and elasticized wrists to ensure a tight, customized fit. The gloves flex and move with your hands without sliding around.

The non-slip texture on the palms and fingers lets you grasp dishes, tools, and other items firmly without accidental drops. Forget about fumbled mishaps or wasted effort trying to hang onto slippery surfaces. With better dexterity and grip, you can take on detailed cleaning tasks like scrubbing crevices, wiping down windows, polishing silver, and more.

Extended Cuffs Guard Against Messes

Trying to tackle cleaning tasks while keeping your forearms and elbows dry can feel impossible, unless you’re wearing the right gloves. FixiZy cleaning gloves have extra long 19.5 inch cuffs that reach partway up your forearms for full splash protection.

When your hands are submerged in dishwater, the tight cuffs prevent leaks. You can vigorously scrub pots and pans without water running down into the gloves. The extended cuffs also protect your arms when wiping up spills and messes so you stay dry. No more interruptions to wipe water and gunk off your skin.

Comfortable Fit You Can Count On

Many rubber cleaning gloves have an awkward, bulky feel that makes your hands sweaty and tired when working. FixiZy gloves are designed for breathability, flexibility, and comfort. The vinyl material is thinner than rubber but still strong. You’ll have full dexterity and sensitivity to tackle precise tasks.

The gloves fit like a second skin, allowing you to go about your cleaning chores without hand fatigue. No struggling with stiff, ill-fitting gloves that make every task feel harder. Enjoy full range of motion to scrub, scour, wipe, polish, sweep and more with ease.

Cleaning Gloves Designed for Real Life

FixiZy gloves aren’t just used for cleaning – they make gardening, pet care, car maintenance and other messy jobs more enjoyable too. Browse through the reviews and you’ll see real people sharing stories of how these gloves improved their lives.

Christine used the gloves to dye her hair without staining her hands. Ryan used them when refinishing furniture to avoid chemical contact with his skin. Maria wore her gloves while canning tomatoes to keep her nails looking polished.

Customers also say the gloves hold up well over time without leaking, tearing or becoming slack. You’ll get months if not years of reliable use from these thoughtfully designed gloves.

We Guarantee You’ll Love These Gloves!

Try FixiZy cleaning gloves risk-free to tackle cleaning, laundry, pet care, gardening, repairs and anything else without sacrificing your beautiful hands. If you don’t love the fit, comfort and performance, contact us for a full refund or replacement. We stand behind our products and customer satisfaction.

Add FixiZy reusable rubber cleaning gloves to your cart now so you can stop worrying about messes and start getting things done while keeping your hands happy!


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