Fever Tree Refreshingly Light Ginger Beer – Refreshing Non-Alcoholic Beverage with Bold Ginger Flavor – Set of 5 Premium 200ml Bottles



Escape to an island oasis with the refreshing ginger taste of Fever-Tree Premium Light Ginger Beer. This non-alcoholic soda offers a crisp, clean ginger ale with the perfect balance of ginger spice and subtle sweetness in every sip.

Made with a signature blend of three gingers sourced from Africa and Asia, the ginger beer delivers a rich, full-bodied flavor profile. It starts with a warmth from Cochin ginger in India, then reveals a fresh green ginger taste from Ivory Coast ginger, and finally unleashes an intense ginger kick from Nigeria. The three gingers intertwine to create a bold, fiery ginger presence that isn’t overwhelmed by sweetness.

Fever-Tree steers clear of artificial flavors, sweeteners, and colors to let the natural ginger shine. The brewing process enhances the ginger’s intrinsic spiciness and aroma for a clean, refreshing taste. Subtle fruit sugars provide light sweetness while allowing the ginger to take center stage. Each sip offers a revitalizing ginger burn that doesn’t overpower the palate.

Enjoy this ginger beer on its own over ice for a spicy, feel-good afternoon refreshment. The bubbly effervescence provides a lively mouthfeel, while the lingering ginger warmth leaves you feeling energized and uplifted. For a delicious cocktail, mix it with rum or whisky for a simple yet satisfying highball. The ginger beer also makes a fantastic Moscow Mule when combined with vodka and fresh lime.

With its quality ingredients and carbonated zing, Fever-Tree Premium Light Ginger Beer adds festive flavor to any occasion. Keep a pack chilled in the fridge for anytime you want to inject some spice into your day. Surprise guests at your next party with ginger beer vodka cocktails, or enjoy a glass straight over ice after a long day for a little lift.

Taste the Ginger Difference

Most commercial ginger beers fall flat on ginger flavor, with excessive sweetness drowning out the signature spice. That’s why Fever-Tree sources premium gingers from across the globe to create the ultimate ginger beer. Here’s how each ginger contributes to the taste:

Cochin Ginger from India: Grown in the lush, tropical southwest corner of India, Cochin ginger adds an unmistakable warmth and deep spice flavor. This ginger variety makes the beverage rich, full-bodied, and comforting.

Ivory Coast Ginger: Sourced from West Africa, the Ivory Coast ginger provides Fever-Tree’s signature clean, lemongrass-like ginger taste. It delivers brightness and a fresh green ginger flavor.

Nigerian Ginger: The Nigerian ginger truly packs the heat and encapsulates an intense, fiery ginger burn. This African ginger gives each sip its spicy boldness.

By using a tri-blend ginger fusion, Fever-Tree achieves a perfectly balanced ginger beer with complexity and depth. The ginger origins may span the globe, but they all come together for one harmonious ginger taste.

Quality You Can Trust

Fever-Tree insists on premium ingredients and traditional brewing techniques to craft an authentic ginger beer that lives up to the brand name. They avoid artificial additives and flavors at all costs to let the natural ginger and fruit sugars speak for themselves.

This ginger beer contains no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, syrups, or colors. The carbonated water provides natural effervescence, while the fruit sugar lends just the right gentle sweetness without overpowering the ginger.

As a testament to its quality and ingredients, this ginger beer is Non-GMO certified. Fever-Tree proudly stands behind its commitment to real, refreshing taste you can trust.

A Versatile Mixer for Cocktails & Mocktails

The crisp, fiery taste of Fever-Tree Ginger Beer brings out the best in spirits like rum, vodka, and whisky. Balance the ginger spice with your favorite brand of white rum or spiced rum for a refreshing Dark ‘n Stormy cocktail. For a Moscow Mule with a real ginger kick, mix the ginger beer with vodka and lime. Or keep it simple by pouring the ginger beer over whisky-filled ice for a satisfying Highball.

Since it’s non-alcoholic, Fever-Tree Ginger Beer also shines as a mocktail mixer. Blend it with fruit juices, lemonade, ginger ale, or club soda for a quick DIY mocktail. Kids and non-drinkers can still enjoy the festivities.

No matter how you mix it, Fever-Tree Ginger Beer adds bold flavor without the boozy burn. Enjoy it as a complex soft drink on its own or as a spicy, sugar-free mixer that doesn’t get lost behind the liquor.

Convenient Pack of 5 Premium 200ml Bottles

This set comes with 5 glass bottles, each containing 200ml of Fever-Tree’s award-winning ginger beer. The 6.8oz portions provide the ideal amount for a proper drink over ice or a refreshing mocktail mixer.

The convenient multi-pack ensures you’ll have plenty of ginger beer for parties, get-togethers, or anytime cravings. Keep some chilled in the fridge and take the rest to the beach, BBQ, or campsite cooler. The Premium Refreshingly Light Ginger Beer makes an excellent addition to any on-the-go cooler.

Pop open an ice-cold bottle after work for a little mid-week pick-me-up. Or get creative with cocktails like the Penicillin, made with the ginger beer, Scotch whisky, lemon juice, and honey syrup. However you enjoy it, this ginger beer multi-pack eliminates running out before the fun ends.

Flaunt Your Ginger Beer in Style

The beautiful packaging showcases Fever-Tree’s commitment to quality ingredients and craftsmanship. The clear glass bottles let the pure, fresh liquid shine.

The set also includes a solid bamboo phone/tablet stand embellished with the Fever-Tree logo. This useful accessory provides a perfect place to rest your device as you follow recipes or prop up your e-reader as you sip your ginger beer.

For inspiration, use the set of tasting notes and cocktail recipes to spark new favorite combinations. They offer unique takes on ginger beer cocktails as well as fun facts about Fever-Tree’s brewing process and ginger sourcing.

Whether enjoying over ice, mixing into cocktails, or sipping with a meal, Fever-Tree Premium Light Ginger Beer brings bold, refreshing flavor to every pour. Escape the everyday and elevate your next gathering with the clean, crisp, genuinely ginger taste.


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