Farmhouse Bakery Authentic Baltic Rye Bread (Pack of 4 Loaves)



Discover the rich, dense flavor and hearty texture of authentic Baltic rye bread. Each loaf in this pack of four is crafted from a traditional Jewish rye recipe perfected by Farmhouse Bakery in New York. Their old-world baking methods produce a 100% natural bread with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Just pure, nutritious ingredients like rye flour, water, salt, and yeast.

This Jewish style rye has a dark brown color and signature acidic taste from the natural fermentation process. The crust is crisp with a glossy sheen, while the interior is dense and chewy. Each 1 lb loaf is shaped into Farmhouse’s signature oval loaf pan.

Baltic rye gets its name from the Northeastern European regions this style of rye bread originates. It’s cherished for its versatility and long shelf life. Enjoy a slice with your favorite cold cuts and cheeses. Pile on smoked fish, pickles, and mustard for an authentic New York deli sandwich experience right at home.

This wholesome bread also pairs nicely with soups, salads, and hearty Eastern European dishes like borscht, potato pancakes, and stuffed cabbage rolls. Try spreading with butter or cream cheese for breakfast or snacking. Sweet toppings like jam, honey, or chocolate sprinkles are a treat too.

Time-Honored Baking Process

Farmhouse Bakery adheres to traditional techniques for baking authentic Baltic rye bread. It all starts with a wild yeast rye sourdough starter that has been lovingly maintained for over 60 years. This imparts the bread’s characteristic tang and allows for natural leavening without commercial yeast.

Next, unbleached wheat flour and premium rye flour are combined with the sourdough starter along with water and sea salt. No sugar, oil, eggs, dairy, or artificial ingredients are used.

The loaves are hand shaped then baked directly on the decks of the bakery’s old-fashioned hearth ovens. The high heat gives the crust its distinctive color and crunch while the interior develops a soft, moist crumb.

This careful process produces a nutrient-rich, old-world style rye packed with 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber per serving. It’s also low fat, egg free, dairy/casein free, and kosher certified Pareve.

Authentic Taste of New York

As a New York staple, Farmhouse’s Baltic Rye will transport you to the delis and bakeries of the city with every slice. The bakery bakes over 5,000 loaves daily in their Bronx facility to supply restaurants and food service businesses across NYC.

This is the same exact bread enjoyed in Reuben sandwiches, deli platters, and Jewish comfort fare around the Big Apple. Now you can experience authentic New York rye from your own kitchen.

Farmhouse proudly continues the Jewish baking legacy begun by their founders over 60 years ago. Today the third generation carries on the tradition of quality, handcrafted breads.

Shelf Life and Storage

Baltic rye’s tight crumb structure gives it superior keeping qualities compared to other breads. Each loaf stays fresh at room temperature for up to 10 days. For extended shelf life, store in the refrigerator to enjoy for up to 45 days from the packaging date.

To freeze, wrap each loaf tightly in plastic wrap then place inside a freezer bag. Frozen loaves will keep for up to 6 months. Thaw overnight in the fridge then bring to room temperature before eating.

This rye actually improves in flavor as the natural fermentation continues over time. The acidic tang will become more pronounced the longer the loaf is stored.

Customer Reviews

“This bread really takes me back to my childhood in Brooklyn. I grew up on this stuff and order it when I need an authentic NY deli experience.”

“Dense and chewy but not overly dry. Holds up great for sandwiches even when loaded with cold cuts and mustard.”

“I tried to cut carbs and could only last a week without this rye in my life. Perfect for breakfast toasted with some lox and cream cheese.”

“I keep a few loaves in my freezer at all times. It defrosts well and makes the best Reuben sandwiches.”

“I was skeptical ordering bread online but it arrived fresh. Lasted over 2 weeks stored in my fridge then frozen for later.”

Premium Old-World Rye

Treat your taste buds to the authentic flavor and satisfaction of Farmhouse Bakery’s Baltic Rye Bread. Naturally fermented with wild yeast starters and crafted from premium rye flour, each loaf delivers the quintessential Jewish deli rye experience with a crisp crust and chewy interior.


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