Eco-Friendly Extra Thick Natural Kitchen Sponges for Scratch-Free Cleaning



Tackle your toughest messes with the super-absorbent cleaning power of these extra thick natural kitchen sponges. At 2 inches thick, these eco-friendly sponges have 50% more scrubbing surface to blast through grease and grime.

The durable cellulose material scrubs away baked-on food, cleans oily pans, and absorbs spills better than traditional sponges. Plus the biodegradable composition is gentle on delicate surfaces. Give your dishes, counters and appliances a thorough clean without worries of scratches.

Super-Absorbent Cleaning

With their extra dense fiber construction, these natural sponges soak up mess after mess without falling apart. The 2 inch thickness provides unmatched absorbency to wipe away spills, soak up greasy residue, and tackle sinkfuls of dirty dishes.

No more flimsy disposable sponges that tear after a few uses. These sturdy sponges maintain their shape wash after wash. Just squeeze out water and they spring back ready for more cleaning action.

Scrubs Away Stubborn Grime

Don’t let baked-on lasagna, greasy broiler pans or soap-scummed tiles get you down. The textured surface of these natural sponges powers through all types of sticky messes.

Dense scrubbing fibers loosen burned food bits, remove oil buildup, and eliminate soap scum. Just add a little elbow grease and these sponges will leave your surfaces sparkling clean.

Gentle on Delicate Surfaces

While tough on dirt, these sponges are gentle enough for fine china and scratch-prone surfaces. The soft natural fibers won’t harm non-stick coatings or etch glassware.

Safely scrub windows, mirrors, stainless steel appliances and expensive cookware without worrying about scratches or swirl marks. Also great for cleaning cars, RVs, boats and more.

Naturally Anti-Microbial

The renewable cellulose material has natural anti-microbial properties to inhibit mold and bacterial growth. While thoroughly hygienic, it does not contain triclosan or other harsh disinfectants that can be absorbed by sponges over time.

You can sanitize these sponges without worries of chemical contamination. Simply pop them in the dishwasher or microwave to keep them fresh and germ-free.


Forget foul smells from sour sponges. The highly breathable structure allows these sponges to dry out quickly, preventing odors from bacteria buildup.

The natural material won’t absorb odors like synthetics. Enjoy that “just-opened” smell wash after wash.

Biodegradable and Sustainable

These eco-friendly sponges are made from renewable plant materials, not petroleum-based synthetics. The cellulose composition breaks down naturally, making them completely compostable.

Every purchase supports sustainable harvesting practices, providing income to communities while protecting forests. Feel good about reducing plastic waste in landfills and oceans.

Ergonomic Design

The easy-grip shape allows for comfortable cleaning of dishes, surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. Generous size provides ample surface area for faster cleaning.

Durable and flexible construction stands up to repeated wringing. Textured bottom prevents slipping for added control and safety.

Multipurpose Cleaning

Tackle cleaning tasks all over your home with this versatile natural sponge:

  • Wash dishes, pots, pans, sinks
  • Clean stovetops, ovens, grills
  • Eliminate soap scum, hard water stains from bathrooms
  • Wipe down finished wood, tile, laminate, sealed concrete floors
  • Remove grease splatter from backsplashes
  • Scrub dirt from cars, garage floors, tools

Order Today, Scrub Happy Tomorrow

Ditch flimsy disposable sponges for these extra thick, super durable natural sponges. Their unbeatable absorbency and gentle scrubbing power make cleaning fast and easy.

Buy now and soak up the savings compared to drugstore sponges. Your dishes, counters, bathrooms and conscience will thank you!


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