DOL Premium South American Fish Maw – Natural Source of Collagen and Protein



Discover the nourishing benefits of fish maw with DOL’s premium South American Fish Maw. These 100% natural sun-dried fish maws are packed with collagen, protein, and savory seafood flavor.

Fish maw, also called fish bladder, is a traditional Chinese ingredient treasured for its abundant natural collagen. This makes it excellent for joint health, skin health, gut health, and more. DOL fish maw provides all the nutritional benefits in a convenient, easy-to-use form.

Premium AAA-Grade South American Fish Maw

DOL sources only AAA-grade fish maws from pristine South American waters, home to some of the world’s highest quality maw. We meticulously select only the finest maws to ensure exceptional nutrition and flavor.

The maws come from Corvina ruber fish, also called sea bass or croaker fish. Their extra-large swim bladders produce big, thick maw slices that become deliciously gelatinous when cooked.

Each 8 oz bag contains approximately 10-15 high-quality maw slices, providing abundant collagen and protein. Enjoy them in soups, stews, broths, and other dishes for nutritional and culinary benefits.

Naturally Rich Source of Collagen

Fish maw is prized in Chinese cuisine and medicine for its very high natural collagen content. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, essential for joint, bone, skin, hair, nail, and gut health.

Unfortunately, our collagen production declines with age. Consuming collagen-rich foods can help counteract this decline. Fish maw is a tasty, natural way to supplement collagen intake.

DOL fish maw contains type 1 collagen to support whole-body wellness. Just a few slices per week can help nourish your joints, skin, nails, hair, and more!

High in Protein, Low in Fat and Calories

In addition to collagen, DOL fish maw is an excellent source of protein while being low in fat and calories. Each maw slice contains over 80% protein with little to no carbs.

The protein provides steady, sustained energy without spiking blood sugar. The low fat and calorie content makes this a diet-friendly ingredient.

Boost your protein intake while supporting collagen production with nutritious fish maw. It helps you meet your health goals in a tasty, natural way.

Simple to Use in Any Dish

DOL fish maw couldn’t be easier to use. Simply rinse and soak the dried slices in warm water for 1-2 hours until plump and gelatinous. Then slice, dice, or add the hydrated maw whole to soups, congees, broths, braises, and other dishes.

The maw becomes naturally thick and chewy when cooked, adding wonderful texture. It also infuses rich seafood flavor with just a hint of natural sweetness.

Use maw in place of less nutritious thickeners like cornstarch or flour. Its natural gelatin gives a luxurious mouthfeel while providing collagen.

Sustainably Sourced Wild Seafood

DOL is committed to providing only premium quality, sustainably sourced ingredients. Our fish maw comes from healthy wild fish stocks in South America.

The maws are a natural byproduct of the seafood industry and would otherwise go to waste. Instead, we upcycle them into a nutritious, sustainable product.

Choosing DOL fish maw helps support responsible South American fisheries. You can feel good knowing your purchase protects ocean health while benefiting your health.

Shop Our Selection of Premium Fish Maw Products

DOL offers fish maw in a range of sizes and bundle options to suit different needs:

– 8 oz Bag (10-15 slices): Perfect for individual use or smaller households
– 16 oz Value Bag (25-30 slices): Larger supply for bigger families
– 3-Pack Bundle (24 oz total): Best value for collagen benefits
– 5 lb Bulk Box: For restaurants, professional chefs, or high-volume needs

We stand behind the quality of our premium maw. If you aren’t completely satisfied, you’re backed by our 100% money-back guarantee.

Experience the Nutrition and Flavor of DOL Fish Maw Today

Give your health a natural collagen boost with our sustainably sourced, protein-packed fish maw. Add this nourishing traditional ingredient to your routine today!


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