Divina Stuffed Grape Leaves (Dolmas) in Can 7 oz



Taste the Mediterranean with Divina Stuffed Grape Leaves. These dolmas are made with fresh, early harvest Sultana grape leaves delicately wrapped around a creamy filling of Italian rice, herbs, and a burst of lemon. Each bite delivers a sweet, herbaceous flavor that will transport your tastebuds.

Divina sources only the most tender grape leaves for their dolmas. The leaves are harvested early, when they are at their most supple and delicate. Skilled workers gently separate the leaves from the vines and select only unblemished leaves to be stuffed. No thick veins or brittle leaves make it into Divina’s dolmas.

The filling features plump Italian rice, slowly simmered to achieve a creamy, toothsome texture. It is seasoned with Mediterranean herbs like dill, mint, parsley and cinnamon that complement the sweet grape leaves. A bright squirt of lemon juice right before canning balances the flavors to perfection.

Each can contains 7 oz of traditional stuffed grape leaves, ready to enjoy. Keep a few cans in the pantry to make quick appetizers, sides, or meatless meals. Serve them as finger food, add to a meze spread, toss into salads for a pop of flavor, or enjoy as a light lunch topped with tangy yogurt.


  • Early harvest Sultana grape leaves, delicate and supple
  • Filled with creamy Italian rice, herbs, and lemon
  • Sweet and tender grape leaves with herb flavors
  • 7 oz can for easy snacking and recipes
  • Mediterranean flavor in minutes

Grape Leaves

Divina sources their grape leaves from Turkish orchards near the Mediterranean coast. The first tender leaves of the season are hand-harvested in spring when they reach optimal suppleness and flavor.

Selecting high quality grape leaves results in the best tasting dolmas. Young, early harvest leaves have thin, pliable skins that won’t overpower the filling. Older leaves are often tough and fibrous. Divina’s grape leaves have a delicate texture and let the flavors of the filling shine through.

Traditional Mediterranean Filling

Each grape leaf is wrapped around the perfect bite of tomato rice filling. Divina uses Italian Arborio rice, prized for its short grain and ability to absorb flavors. The rice is simmered until tender and achieves a creamy consistency.

Mediterranean herbs like mint, dill, parsley and cinnamon season the filling. They add layers of flavor without overpowering the sweet grape leaves. A touch of lemon right before canning balances the flavors. The result is a harmonious Traditional Mediterranean flavor in every bite.

Ready to Enjoy

Divina dolmas come pre-stuffed and ready to enjoy straight from the can. Keep them stocked in the pantry for quick Mediterranean inspiration anytime. Serve them as an appetizer or snack alongside tzatziki or hummus. Toss them into salads, bowls, and wraps for a flavor pop. Or enjoy as a light lunch or dinner with yogurt and fresh herbs.

With no prep needed, Divina dolmas make it easy to add classic Mediterranean flavor to your meals. Enjoy these sweet and tender stuffed grape leaves today!


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