Craft Your Own Legendary Sprecher Root Beer with Ease Using This Concentrated Extract



Homemade root beer is a delicious treat, but can be time consuming and tricky to get just right. With the Sprecher Root Beer Soda Extract, you can easily brew 1 gallon of smooth, creamy, old-fashioned root beer with maximum flavor and minimal fuss.

Just Add Water for Legendary Sprecher Taste

Sprecher Brewery was founded in 1985 in Wisconsin and is famous for its handcrafted sodas using quality, natural ingredients. This concentrated root beer extract lets you recreate Sprecher’s signature flavor profile right at home.

Made from the same pure Wisconsin honey, vanilla, and botanical ingredients as the original, all the rich, aromatic root beer flavor is packed into this handy 1-gallon jug. To make 1 gallon of finished root beer, simply add 4 gallons of water and carbonate using a kegging system.

Complex, Balanced Botanical Flavors

This root beer extract features a proprietary blend of over 20 different herbs, berries, barks, and roots. You can taste the complexity in every sip, with no single flavor overpowering the others.

Ingredients like birch bark, licorice root, sarsaparilla, wintergreen, and spicebush create an intricate botanical profile. The addition of vanilla and honey lend a smooth, creamy sweetness to balance out the earthy roots and barks.

The result is a perfectly balanced and nuanced root beer with authentic old-timey flavor.

Carbonate for Frothy Goodness

To get that fresh, draught root beer taste, carbonation is key. This extract requires the use of a kegging system to force carbonate and develop the bubbles.

Once carbonated, you’ll be rewarded with a frothy head of foam and a satisfying, fizzy mouthfeel. The carbonation also helps carry the flavors, so you get the full root beer experience in every sip.

Save Money on Artisanal Soda

Quality handcrafted root beer can get expensive when you buy it ready-made by the bottle. With this extract kit, you can get 1 gallon of gourmet root beer for a fraction of the cost.

Making your own also allows you to customize to your taste. Experiment with the carbonation level, sweetness, and botanical profile to craft your perfect homebrewed root beer.

Share your homemade batches with family and friends and let them enjoy this old-fashioned treat.

Fun Hobby and Activity

Along with tasting great, brewing your own root beer is an engaging hobby. It’s fun to steep and mix the ingredients, monitor fermentation, control carbonation, and tweak your recipe.

Kids will love learning about the brewing process. Root beer brings back memories of old-time soda fountains and simpler times.

Keep the tradition alive and pass down your root beer crafting skills to the next generation.

Quality Ingredients from Sprecher Brewery

You can trust the integrity of this extract’s ingredients, as it comes straight from Sprecher Brewery’s own artisanal soda line. They only use the finest natural ingredients, without any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

The pure Wisconsin honey lends mild sweetness without overpowering the other botanical flavors. Quality vanilla extract boosts the creaminess.

You’ll taste the love and care that goes into Sprecher’s handmade craft sodas, now available for homemade enjoyment.

Easy to Use

This extract makes it simple for both beginners and experienced brewers to whip up homemade root beer. There’s no complex mashing required.

Just dilute the concentrate with water, carbonate using your counterpressure kegging system, and you’ll be sipping your own fresh root beer within hours.

Recreating the nostalgic taste and bubbly carbonation of old-fashioned sodas has never been more fun or easier.

Treat your family and friends to a glass of creamy, aromatic homebrewed root beer courtesy of this Sprecher extract kit. Its premium flavor will make your tastebuds smile.


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