Comeaux’s Extra Hot Pork Boudin (Pack of 3) – Fiery Cajun-Style Rice Sausage



Get ready to ignite your taste buds with the spicy boldness of Comeaux’s Extra Hot Pork Boudin. This pack contains 3 links of our signature pork and rice sausage kicked up with an extra dose of Louisiana heat.

If you crave authentic Cajun cuisine with a fiery bite, this extra hot boudin is sure to satisfy. We blend premium pork with “the holy Cajun trinity” of onions, celery, and bell peppers then season aggressively with cayenne and black pepper. The result is a fieriness that makes your mouth tingle but keeps you coming back for more.

Traditional Cajun-Style Boudin with an Extra Fiery Twist

Boudin is a staple of Southern Louisiana cooking traditionally made by blending pork, rice, onions, peppers, and bold seasonings into a hearty sausage. Our recipe stays true to these classic ingredients and Origins in Cajun country. We coarsely grind USDA pork shoulder then mix in steamed rice, the aromatic holy trinity, and broth to achieve that perfect mushy, melt-in-your-mouth texture. Into the blend we add heaping doses of salt, cracked black pepper, cayenne, and other zesty spices to create an explosion of heat and flavor. We stuff the fiery pork and rice mixture into a natural casing then vacuum pack for freshness.

Don’t let the “extra hot” name scare you off. Our boudin builds its heat gradually, allowing you to appreciate the nuances of flavor. You get creamy, peppery rice contrasted by sweet onions and grassy bell peppers surrounded by moist pork studded with lip-tingling spices. Each bite packs a mighty punch but also incredible depth. Just have plenty of beer or milk on hand for relief!

A Versatile Cajun Delight – The Possibilities are Endless!

Hot and spicy Cajun boudin is a treat any time of day. Sizzle up links for a hearty Cajun breakfast alongside eggs and grits. Slice the sausage and serve in boudin balls for a fiery appetizer. Enjoy as a convenient hand-held snack straight from the package. Or center your dinner plate around boudin paired with dirty rice, collard greens, and buttery corn bread. However you eat it, this zesty Cajun treat never disappoints.

Since our extra hot pork boudin holds its shape after cooking, it’s also perfect for grilling, smoking, baking, or frying:
Grill or smoke: Get crispy charred edges and let the smoky flavor soak in
Pan fry: Crisp up the casing in oil or butter for a little crunch
Bake: Heat low and slow to let the spices further meld together

However you prepare it, this spicy sausage delivers big, bold, lip-tingling flavor in every bite! Crank up the heat and let the good times and good food roll!

Comeaux’s Boudin – A Family Tradition Since 1947

Comeaux’s is dedicated to making authentic Cajun-style boudin and smoked sausages that reflect the heritage of our hometown – Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, the Crawfish Capital of the World. For over 70 years across four generations, we have handcrafted our sausages using traditional techniques and only the freshest Gulf Coast pork and locally-grown rice. This commitment to quality and tradition is evident in every juicy bite of our signature boudin.

We may have grown over the decades, but we still operate our meat market and kitchen out of Breaux Bridge using time-honored family recipes. Our authentic fresh sausage and smoking process make us a go-to source for local restaurants as well as grocers and kitchens across Louisiana. We now ship our award-winning pork boudin nationwide so you can savor a taste of authentic Cajun country no matter where you call home.

We take pride in crafting boudin worth sharing with friends and family. Anytime you open a pack of Comeaux’s boudin, you know you’re in for good eating. We can’t wait for you to try our spicy extra hot pork boudin and hope the flavors transport you to the heart of Cajun country.


Pork, rice, water, onions, salt, celery, bell peppers, black pepper, cayenne pepper, red pepper, garlic powder, spices.


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