Collagen Casings 32mm – Food Grade Casings for Homemade Sausage (Fits 40 lbs)



Elevate your homemade sausages to gourmet status with these easy-to-use 32mm collagen casings. With enough casing to stuff up to 40 lbs of ground meat, they are the perfect solution for crafting homemade sausages, kielbasa, brats, and more.

Specially designed for home sausage-making, these food-grade collagen casings make it easy to achieve professional-looking links with authentic old world styles. The 32mm diameter creates sausages around 1 1/4″ – 1 1/2″ when stuffed, ideal for smoked links, kielbasa, bratwurst, Italian sausage and breakfast links.

Collagen is the traditional casing choice for many cured meats. These casings have a smoked color that lends a classic appearance. Two collagen sheets are twisted together to make each super-strong 32mm strand. The casings have the perfect amount of stretch and “bite” to hold any ground meat mix securely.

Stuff and form your own custom creations with favorite meats, spices and ingredients. experiment with different recipes until you perfect your signature sausage. Share your hand-crafted links with family and friends for holidays, game days, cookouts and more. You’ll impress everyone with your charcuterie skills.

These collagen casings offer many advantages for the home sausage maker:

Easy to Use – No presoaking needed. Simply rinse, stuff and twist off. The casings slide easily onto the sausage stuffer funnel.

Consistent Sizing – 32mm diameter ensures uniform sausage sizes for even cooking and professional presentation.

Great Holding Ability – Holds sausage mix securely without tearing so links keep their shape.

Traditional Appearance – Smoked tint and twist-off links achieve an authentic old-world sausage style.

Tasty and Tender Casings – Collagen is naturally edible and chewy when cooked, adding to the sausage texture.

Long Lasting Freshness – Unused casings can be refrigerated for up to 2 years before using.

You get enough collagen casing to stuff approximately 40 lbs of ground meat, depending on the sausage recipes. Create 5 lbs of sausage at a time with consistent and reliable results every time you make a batch. The convenient bulk sizing brings restaurant and butcher shop quality home for less cost.

Discover the satisfying fun of preparing your own hand-crafted gourmet sausages. These collagen casings make it easy to whip up flavorful masterpieces like:

Smoked Kielbasa – Classic smoked sausage loaded with garlic and spices.

Beer Brats – Plump and juicy beer-infused links perfect for cookouts.

Chicken Apple Sausage – Savory breakfast sausages with apple and sage.

Italian Fennel Sausage – Zesty and herbaceous sweet Italian links.

Boudin Blanc – Delicate French-style sausage.

Mexican Chorizo – Zesty and spicy flavor bomb!

With the right casings and seasonings, you can recreate time-honored family recipes or invent exciting new sausage flavors. Package your handmade links as gifts or serve up at your next gathering.

For reliably easy and delicious homemade sausage creations, these 32mm collagen casings are the secret ingredient. Order a batch today and enjoy the finest quality links made just how you like them.


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