Claeys Old Fashioned Root Beer Hard Candy Drops – 1 lb Bag of Classic Root Beer Flavored Candies



Treat yourself to a delightfully retro candy experience with Claeys old fashioned root beer hard candy drops. This 1 pound bulk bag contains a bounty of classic root beer flavored hard candies, each piece imparting the nostalgic effervescence of old-time soda shop root beer.

A Century of Sweet Memories

The Claeys family has been crafting cherished candies in Lancaster, PA since 1919 using time-honored recipes and small-batch methods. Each old fashioned root beer hard candy drop bears over a hundred years of candy-making tradition in every flavorful bite. Let these candies take you on a tasty trip down memory lane.

Bubbly Root Beer Bliss

These root beer hard candies encapsulate the fizzy flavor of vintage root beer in tempting round drops. As the candies melt on your tongue, the smooth sweetness of rich vanilla and wintergreen mingle with the light carbonation taste of old-fashioned root beer. Close your eyes with each piece and you’ll be transported right back to the corner soda fountain.

Satisfying Crunch & Chew

The candies feature a unique texture with a satisfying crunch shell that quickly gives way to a delicious chewy center. This multilayered mouthfeel adds exciting dimension to the nostalgic root beer flavor. Both kids and adults will love the crunchy outside and chewy inside of these classic candies.

Bulk Bag for Sharing

The one pound bag contains a generous quantity of root beer drops, perfect for filling candy dishes to share with family and friends. Keep a bag handy for wholesome snacking at home or the office. Bring them along to parties, barbecues, and gatherings to evoke sweet memories with each piece. The bulk bag also makes a thoughtful gift.

Made in the USA

You can trust the all-American quality of these Pennsylvania-made candies. Claeys still produces their retro treats in the same Lancaster factory using time-honored techniques for consistent old-fashioned flavor. Their candies represent a beloved piece of American candy history.

Customer Impressions

“These Claeys root beer hard candies totally brought me back to childhood trips to the candy store. Love the fizzy root beer taste and retro vibe.”

“The crunch and chew of these candies is so fun and enjoyable. My kids and I finished the whole bag in a week!”

“I brought these root beer candies to a family reunion and all my aunts and uncles were reminiscing about penny candies from the old days.”

Sweet Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind the quality of these nostalgic candies. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, contact us for a full refund or replacement bag.

Treat yourself to a little retro joy with Claeys old fashioned root beer hard candy drops. These classic candies evoke sweet memories with every tasty piece. Order a bag today!


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