Chimay Trappiste Beer-Washed Cheese Wheel



Treat your taste buds to an indulgent delight with the Chimay Trappiste Beer-Washed Cheese Wheel. This artisanal cheese combines the bold flavors of Trappist ale with the smooth creaminess of cow’s milk cheese for an elevated gourmet experience.

Crafted in Belgium’s Chimay region, this cheese wheel starts with fresh milk sourced from grass-fed cows. Master cheesemakers carefully wash the curds in Chimay Trappiste ale during production, allowing the beer’s aroma and notes of caramel malt, dried fruit, and spice to infuse the cheese. A rind washed in beer pomace forms as the wheel ages, sealing in moisture and developing a subtle hoppy bitterness.

The result is a semisoft washed rind cheese with a supple, smooth texture and distinct beer flavor. Each bite releases the nutty, buttery flavors of Gruyere blended with Chimay Trappiste’s caramel and red fruit undertones. Earthy, herbal hop notes linger on the palate for a pleasantly bitter finish. The aroma is a perfect balance of fruity fermented hops and nutty cheese.

Product Details:

  • Whole wheel weighs approximately 4 pounds
  • Imported from Chimay, Belgium
  • Beer-washed with Chimay Trappiste ale
  • Buttery, nutty Gruyere-style cheese
  • Notes of caramel malt, dried fruit, and spice
  • Subtle hoppy bitterness
  • Semi-soft washed rind
  • Supple, smooth texture
  • Ships expedited in an insulated package

Pairings and Serving Suggestions:

The Chimay Trappiste Beer-Washed Cheese Wheel makes a sophisticated addition to any cheese board. Pair it with cured meats, smoked salmon, fig jam, dried fruits, nuts, and artisanal breads. For ultimate enjoyment, serve it with a glass of Chimay Trappiste ale!

This cheese also shines when melted. Add slices to burgers, sandwiches, omelets, or fondue for a gourmet upgrade. The beer-washed rind imparts wonderful flavor to any melted cheese application. Beer enthusiasts will love using this cheese wheel to prepare beer cheese dips, spreads, or soup.

About Chimay:

The Chimay Trappiste Beer-Washed Cheese Wheel is crafted by the monks of the Notre-Dame de Scourmont Abbey in Chimay, Belgium. The Trappist monks have been brewing ale and making cheese in this region since 1862. They are committed to traditional production methods and use the freshest ingredients from local farms.

Part of the beer used to wash the cheese is brewed at the abbey. The rest comes from the world-renowned Chimay Brewery, just down the road from the abbey. Chimay ales are widely considered to be some of the best Belgian beers in the world, winning multiple awards and praise from beer critics.

The monks blend their passion for brewing and cheesemaking to create this specialty washed rind cheese. Each wheel is carefully aged to achieve the perfect balance of ale and cheese flavors. This is a beer-lover’s cheese made with devotion to monastic tradition.

Imported Quality:

Authentic Chimay Trappiste Beer-Washed Cheese Wheels are imported directly from the abbey in Belgium to ensure freshness and quality. Each wheel is shipped expedited in an insulated package to maintain ideal temperature during transportation. Upon arrival, store the cheese wheel properly in the fridge until ready to serve and enjoy this gourmet delicacy at peak condition.

Discover the masterful blend of rich Trappist ale and nutty artisan cheese with the Chimay Trappiste Beer-Washed Cheese Wheel. This specialty Belgian import takes beer cheese to new heights of flavor and craftsmanship.


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