Candy Shop Premium Root Beer Floats Barrels – Fizzy Root Beer Hard Candy



Do you dream of an ice cold mug of frothy root beer just waiting for a scoop of vanilla ice cream? Now you can enjoy all that deliciousness anytime with Candy Shop Premium Root Beer Floats Barrels. These nostalgic hard candies capture the effervescent flavor of a perfectly crafted root beer float.

Fizzing With Root Beer Flavor

Each Root Beer Floats Barrel starts with a sweet, creamy root beer hard candy center. As the candy dissolves, it releases tiny fizzing pockets that provide an authentic root beer effervescence.

The candies capture that tingling carbonation you get from a freshly poured mug of root beer. It’s like drinking a bubbly cold one straight from the tap – only in candy form!

Creamy Vanilla Undertones

As you suck on a Root Beer Floats Barrel, subtle creamy vanilla flavors emerge to complement the root beer taste. It’s reminiscent of a heaping scoop of rich vanilla ice cream melting into a mug of root beer.

The vanilla is subtle, adding a hint of creamy sweetness that rounds out the primary root beer flavors. Every nostalgic lick will have you craving a tall, frosty root beer float!

Perfectly Portable Beverage-Inspired Candy

Keep the refreshment of an ice cold root beer float with you wherever you go with these convenient hard candies. They capture that thirst-quenching effervescence and creamy vanilla goodness in portable, candy form.

Toss a few Root Beer Floats Barrels in your bag so you’re prepared when a root beer float craving hits. They also make a fun desk candy to give you an afternoon pick-me-up, no float required!

Old-Fashioned Candy Shop Quality

Candy Shop dedicates itself to creating premium hard candies with big, bold flavors. They use only the highest quality ingredients to capture the essence of classic soda fountain drinks like root beer floats.

From the fizzing candy centers to the rich vanilla undertones, Root Beer Floats Barrels deliver authentic old-fashioned soda fountain flavor. These candies provide a sweet taste of nostalgia in every piece.

Individually Wrapped Root Beer Floats

Each Root Beer Floats Barrel hard candy is individually wrapped, making them perfect for grabbing one at a time. Keep a stash in your purse, pocket or desk drawer.

The single wraps help prevent the candies from sticking together on hot days. Now you can enjoy Candy Shop’s gourmet hard candies anytime, anywhere.

Share the Fizzy Nostalgia

Do you have a root beer float fanatic in your life? Share the fizzy fun with Candy Shop’s bulk box of Root Beer Floats Barrels. The generous 8 ounce box contains about 32 candies, enough to keep the root beer float party going.

It makes a great gift for birthdays, holiday goodie bags, care packages, or just because. Bring back sweet memories of old-fashioned soda fountains with this root beer float classic.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Candy Shop takes pride in their premium bulk candies. Their Root Beer Floats Barrels capture all the nostalgia of an ice cold mug of root beer topped with a creamy scoop of vanilla ice cream.

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the quality or flavor of these hard candies, contact Candy Shop for a full refund or replacement.

American-Made Confectionery Excellence

Candy Shop crafts their gourmet candies in small batches in the USA. They expertly blend premium ingredients to create sweet nostalgia in every piece.

Their skilled candy makers pour their passion into Candy Shop confections like these fizzy Root Beer Floats Barrels. You can taste the love in each candy!

Bring back sweet memories of trips to the soda fountain with Candy Shop’s Root Beer Floats. Every sugary sip of these hard candies is sure to delight your tastebuds!


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