Bumble Bee White Flake Crab Meat in Water – Wild Caught Canned Crab for Seafood Recipes



Treat your taste buds to the delicious flavor of premium white crab meat with Bumble Bee’s canned white flake crabmeat. This flaky, wild-caught crab is perfect for elevating your favorite seafood recipes and dishes.

Each 6 oz can contains chunks of tender crab meat bathed in water to preserve freshness. Simply drain the water before using the crab meat in recipes like crab cakes, crab dip, crab rangoon and more. This canned crab is a tasty and healthy way to add protein, vitamins and minerals to your diet.

Wild-Caught Crab from Sustainable Fisheries

The white crab meat is responsibly sourced from fisheries focused on maintaining healthy crab populations. Bumble Bee is dedicated to environmental stewardship and takes steps to ensure the sustainability of all their seafood.

By choosing Bumble Bee crabmeat, you can feel good knowing your purchase supports responsible fishing practices. The crab is caught in the wild, bringing you the authentic flavor of fresh crab delivered right to your pantry.

Premium Quality Crab Meat

This canned white crab meat provides a convenient solution for enjoying crab anytime. Each batch is carefully packed to seal in freshness and bring you the best taste. The crab meat has a sweet, delicate flavor and tender flaky texture perfect for your recipes.

It contains no fillers, just 100% real crab. Bumble Bee diligently controls product quality throughout catching, processing and canning to ensure a superior product.

Healthy Canned Protein

Crab meat is packed with nutrition, providing an excellent source of lean protein with each serving. It contains 16g of protein per serving to support muscle growth and satisfaction.

Crab is low in fat, calories and carbs, with only 1g of carbs per serving. The canned crab meat fits perfectly into keto, paleo, gluten-free and other healthy lifestyles.

Enjoy the benefits of seafood without the hassle of cooking fresh crab yourself. This ready-to-use canned meat makes preparing delicious crab recipes simple.

Convenient and Versatile

Keep your pantry stocked with this canned crab meat for quick and easy meals anytime. The 6 oz pull-top cans are portable, lightweight and easy to open.

Use straight from the can to top salads, make crab dip, fold into omelets or eat for a snack. It also works great in chowders, pastas, sandwiches and a variety of dishes.

Take your recipes to the next level with the rich, sweet flavor of crab. This versatile ingredient is perfect for appetizers, sides, entrees and more.

Add a pop of flavor and nutrition to:

  • Crab cakes
  • Crab salad
  • Seafood salad
  • Rice or quinoa bowls
  • Crab stuffed mushrooms
  • Crab omelets
  • Crab or seafood pasta
  • Crab dip
  • Crab rangoons
  • Seafood chowder
  • Crab or seafood casseroles
  • Quesadillas

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Bumble Bee offers a money-back guarantee ensuring you’ll love this canned crab meat. Their customer service team is available to assist with any questions or concerns.

With its incredible flavor, high-quality, convenience and responsible sourcing, this canned crab is a pantry staple seafood lovers can feel good about buying.

Elevate your recipes with the delicious taste of wild white crab meat today. Add Bumble Bee’s canned crab to your cart now for a great value on premium seafood.


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