Buffalo Bills 15-Piece Exotic Game Stick Burlap Gift Wine Bags – Elk, Venison and Wild Boar



Treat your taste buds to an adventure in flavor with the Buffalo Bills 15-Piece Exotic Game Stick Burlap Gift Wine Bags. This thoughtful gift set includes an assortment of lean, protein-rich game meat snacks packed in a rustic burlap wine bag.

Bold, Exotic Flavors

The set includes 5 sticks each of 3 exotic meats: bourbon black pepper elk, honey mustard venison and smokey barbecue wild boar. Buffalo Bills makes these snacks with the finest cuts of free-range game, gifting you with a delicious protein source packed with nutrition. Savor the bold, savory flavor of elk seasoned with peppery bourbon notes. The venison sticks offer a sweet and tangy honey mustard taste. For a sensation of camping in the outdoors, sink your teeth into the smoky, barbecue-spiced boar.

Convenient Single-Serving Size

Each ready-to-eat stick is individually wrapped for your convenience. The slim size makes these protein snacks easy to toss into your bag to enjoy anywhere. Keep one handy when you need an energy-boosting nibble for the office, car, travel or hiking. With 15 sticks, you’ll have plenty to share at parties or pack in lunches. These slim sticks mean there’s no cutting required – just unwrap and relish the flavors of the wild.

Thoughtful Gift

The reusable burlap wine bag makes this protein snack collection a memorable gift. The natural fabric bag features a drawstring closure and flexible shape. Stuff it with a bottle of wine or use it to hold picnic supplies, towels, or other goodies. Your recipient can use their handy new bag again and again. With three exotic meat flavors, the gift appeals to adventurous foodies who appreciate high-quality protein. It’s an ideal housewarming, hostess or holiday gift.

Reusable Burlap Wine Bag

The burlap fabric wine bag adds a rustic, eco-friendly touch. Known for its durability, burlap feels sturdy in hand and gives the gift set an earthy, organic look. The handy bag measures 13.5 inches high by 6 inches wide and closes with a natural jute drawstring. Your recipient can reuse this carry-all long after the snacks are gone. Fill it with wine or other surprises for gifting, picnics, beach days and more.

USA-Made Snacks

You can feel good about gifting these protein-packed snacks. Buffalo Bills makes their exotic game sticks in the USA, subjecting each batch to over 20 quality checkpoints. They use only the finest free-range game, natural spices, and curing ingredients. With no added nitrates or nitrites, these slim sticks offer nutritional and delicious snacking. Give the gift of bold flavor and quality nutrition with the Buffalo Bills Exotic Game Stick Burlap Gift Set.


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