Buck Wild Bison Pasture-Raised Bison Meat Sticks with Premium Beef – High Protein Snack (10 Count)



Satisfy Your Snack Cravings with Buck Wild Bison Meat Sticks!

Looking for a tasty, high-protein snack to power you through your busy day? Look no further than Buck Wild Bison’s pasture-raised bison meat sticks! Made with 8 grams of lean bison protein per stick, these snacks will keep you fueled and focused.

At Only 90 Calories Per Stick, They Make the Perfect Guilt-Free Snack

Unlike sugary or processed snacks that lead to a crash later, our bison meat sticks provide sustained energy. With just 90 calories and 8g of protein per stick, you can snack confidently knowing you’re giving your body the good stuff it craves.

Crafted from Pasture-Raised Bison and Premium Beef for Unbeatable Flavor

We start with pasture-raised bison from our family farm in West Virginia. Bison is leaner than beef with a rich, savory taste. Then, we add just the right amount of premium beef to take the flavor over the top. The result is a snack stick bursting with juicy, smoky flavor in every bite.

Choose from Delicious Flavors Like Teriyaki and Sweet BBQ

Our bison meat sticks pack a big taste in a portable, slim stick. We offer crowd-pleasing flavors like Teriyaki, Sweet BBQ, Peppered, and more. With tasty flavors the whole family will love, they make the perfect snack for hiking, road trips, sporting events, and more.

Made in the USA with American-Raised Bison

We’re proud to produce our bison meat snacks right here in the USA. Our bison herd roams on pasture in West Virginia, grazing on grass and living their best bison life. They are humanely raised and processed in the USA.

Snack Confidently Knowing What’s Inside

Many meat snacks are full of artificial flavors, preservatives, and ingredients you can’t pronounce. Not ours. With simple, recognizable ingredients, our bison meat sticks contain no added nitrites or nitrates, just real food flavor.

From Our Family to Yours

Buck Wild Bison was started by our family for families like yours looking for a hearty, portable protein snack. We create each batch of bison meat sticks with care and pride. With every purchase, you’re supporting a small American family business.

Fuel Your Adventurous Lifestyle with Buck Wild Bison Meat Sticks

Whether you’re an athlete, outdoor enthusiast, busy parent, or anyone with an on-the-go lifestyle, Buck Wild Bison meat sticks can power you through. They provide a nutritious fuel source for all your daily activities and adventures. Stash them in your gym bag, hiking pack, or office drawer for a protein punch anytime.

Some of the Many Occasions When Buck Wild Bison Meat Sticks Hit the Spot:

– Pre and Post Workout Snack
– Hiking, Camping, and Other Outdoor Activities
– Road Trips, Traveling, and Vacations
– Sporting Events and Tailgating
– Hunting and Fishing Excursions
– Office Drawer or Desk Snacks
– School Lunches and Snacks for Kids
– On-the-go Breakfast When You’re Rushed

Superior Nutrition in a Convenient Stick

Each Buck Wild Bison meat stick delivers:

– 8g Protein
– Just 90 Calories
– 0g Sugar
– Low Sodium
– No Added Nitrites or Nitrates
– Gluten-Free
– Keto-Friendly

So skip the sugary granola bars and greasy potato chips, and reach for a hearty bison meat stick instead! Our pasture-raised bison and premium beef sticks provide superior nutrition to power you through your day.

Craveable Flavors for Any Palate:

With delicious flavors like Teriyaki, Sweet BBQ, Peppered, and more, there’s a bison meat snack to satisfy any craving. Our flavors are crafted using only real food ingredients like spices, herbs, vinegar, and natural smoke. No artificial flavors or funky chemicals here!

Some of our most popular meat stick flavors include:

– Teriyaki: Sweet and salty teriyaki flavor with a touch of garlic. A classic.
– Sweet BBQ: Smoky, tangy and a little spicy. Homemade BBQ taste.
– Peppered: Cracked peppercorns and savory spices give this a flavor kick.
– Jalapeño: Smoky with mild jalapeño spice.
– Original: Natural smoke flavor highlights the rich bison taste.
– Sriracha: Perfect blend of smoky and hot. Sriracha fanatics love this one!

With so many delicious flavors to choose from, you’ll want to try them all!

Snack Confidently Knowing How Our Bison Meat Snacks Are Made

We take pride in crafting bison meat snack sticks you can feel good about:

Pasture-Raised and Grass-Fed Bison: Our bison roam on pasture, grazing on grass, creating healthy and lean meat.

Humanely Raised and Processed in the USA.

Only Real, Recognizable Ingredients: No artificial preservatives, nitrites/nitrates, hormones, or antibiotics. Just real food ingredients.

Double Smoked: Smoked twice over real hardwood chips for authentic, smoky flavor.

Legendary Bison Taste: Bison is known for its rich, savory, slightly sweet taste that can’t be mimicked.

Premium Beef Added: We add just the right amount of premium beef to complement the bison.

Resealable Packaging: Sticks come in a convenient resealable bag to lock in freshness.

Keto-Friendly and Paleo Diet Approved: With zero sugar and low net carbs, our bison snacks fit into low carb lifestyles.

Make Buck Wild Bison Meat Sticks Your Go-To Snack

When you’re seeking a tasty snack that satisfies and fuels your body, reach for Buck Wild Bison meat sticks. Their craveably bold flavors, superior nutrition, and convenient stick shape make them the ultimate snack for any occasion. Try all our mouthwatering flavors to see which ones you love!


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