Berrcom No Touch Forehead Thermometer for Fever – Fast, Accurate Infrared Thermometer for Babies, Kids, Adults – Instant Read, 3 Modes, Memory Recall, Fever Alert (Blue)



Take the Guesswork Out of Fevers with the Berrcom No Touch Forehead Thermometer

A fever can strike anytime – are you prepared to get an accurate reading in seconds? Introducing the Berrcom No Touch Thermometer, the easy way to check for fever in babies, children and adults without the struggle of traditional thermometers.

This infrared thermometer offers touchless scanning of the forehead for a precise fever reading in just 1 second. The color-coded fever alert lets you instantly know if a fever is present. With convenient memory recall, automatic shut-off and a compact, lightweight design, this thermometer is ideal for home or on the go.

Benefits of the Berrcom No Touch Thermometer:

– Touchless Scanning – Just hold 1-2 inches from forehead without contact
– Rapid 1 Second Readings – Get accurate results instantly
– Tri-Color Fever Alert – Green for normal, orange for elevated, red for high
– Memory Recall – Stores last 32 temperature readings
– 3 Modes – Forehead, object and room temperature
– OLED Display – Easy-to-read large backlit screen

Touchless Convenience for the Whole Family

Taking a temperature has never been easier with the Berrcom infrared thermometer. Simply hold the thermometer 1-2 inches from the forehead without skin contact, press the button and get a reading in as little as 1 second.

The non-contact design makes temperature taking hygienic for the whole family. There’s no discomfort from keeping a thermometer under the tongue or arm, or risk of spreading germs from reuse.

Built-in Fever Guidance You Can Trust

When a fever strikes, you need fast, clear results you can count on. The Berrcom thermometer displays a color-coded fever indicator:

– Green – Signals normal temperature
– Orange – Indicates elevated temperature
– Red – Alerts high fever is present

The color display immediately lets you know if a fever is present, while the large LED screen shows the exact temperature reading. An alert beep reinforces high fever detection.

Designed for Accuracy and Convenience

Infrared technology ensures this thermometer delivers reliable results with an accuracy of ±0.4°F (0.2°C). The thermometer is clinically proven to produce readings as precise as ear thermometers.

Other convenient features include:

– Built-in Memory – Recalls last 32 temperature readings
– High Fever Alarm – Alert beep for high fevers
– Auto Shut-Off – Turns off automatically after 30 seconds
– Celsius/Fahrenheit – Easily toggle between temperature scales
– Low Battery Indicator – Alerts when battery needs replacing
– Compact Design – Portable for home and travel use

3 Flexible Modes Meet Every Need

The Berrcom thermometer isn’t just for scanning foreheads. It includes three modes to accommodate a variety of temperature taking needs:

Forehead Mode: Ideal for babies, children and adults. Get an accurate reading without contact.

Object Mode: Test the temperature of bottles, bath water, food and more. Make sure it’s not too hot for baby!

Room Mode: Scan to check nursery, baby’s room, office or any environment.

With the versatility to work for the whole family, this is the only thermometer you need!

Precision Infrared Technology You Can Trust

Infrared thermometers detect temperature by measuring heat energy emitted from the surface area scanned. When aimed at the forehead, the thermal sensor quickly detects the infrared heat energy to determine body temperature.

This method of detecting temperature is just as accurate as traditional thermometers while avoiding the hassles of placement under the arm or tongue. Studies by leading medical journals confirm the reliability of infrared thermometer readings.

The Benefits of Infrared Technology:

– Non-Invasive – No contact required, just point and measure
– Hygienic – No risk of cross-contamination
– Fast Results – Readings in as little as 1 second
– Clinically Proven Accuracy – Results comparable to ear thermometers
– Easy to Use – Simple one-button operation

With infrared technology, temperature taking is easier and more comfortable for the whole family. The Berrcom thermometer provides the convenience of touchless readings with medical-grade precision.

Monitor Fevers with Greater Ease and Confidence!

Don’t wait until an illness strikes – be prepared by keeping the Berrcom thermometer handy. This compact infrared thermometer is a trusted fever detector for:

– Parents – Track fevers in babies, toddlers and children
– Caregivers – Monitor elderly patients for signs of fever
– Schools & Daycares – Check students’ temperature
– Public Spaces – Screen for elevated temperatures
– Hospitality – Help provide guests a safer stay
– Workplaces – Promote employee health and safety

Get precise non-contact temperature readings with the easy-to-use Berrcom thermometer. Order today for fever monitoring you can count on!


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