Beatrice Bakery Co. Lemon Drop Liqueur Cake Bar – A Sweet Treat with a Twist



Bring a taste of sunshine to your next gathering with the Beatrice Bakery Co. Lemon Drop Liqueur Cake Bar. This gourmet cake bar combines the bright, citrusy flavor of lemon with a touch of vodka for a sweet and spirited twist.

An Old-Fashioned Treat from a Time-Honored Bakery

Since 1917, Beatrice Bakery Co. has been baking up delightfully old-fashioned cakes, breads, and desserts. They use treasured recipes passed down through generations along with high-quality, wholesome ingredients to create baked goods that taste like they came straight from grandma’s kitchen.

The Lemon Drop Liqueur Cake Bar stays true to Beatrice Bakery Co.’s commitment to timeless taste and quality. Each cake starts with their proprietary lemon cake recipe bursting with bright lemon flavor. To give it a sophisticated kick, they gently infuse the cake with titillating notes of vodka. The result is a bar with comforting old-fashioned flavor yet sophisticated spirit-soaked flair.

Quality Ingredients Make a Superior Cake

At Beatrice Bakery Co., exceptional flavor starts with exceptional ingredients. They use real lemon juice and zest to provide tangy, vibrant lemon flavor. Only wholesome ingredients like flour, butter, and eggs go into the cake batter.

As for the spirits, they select a smooth and aromatic vodka to complement the lemon cake. The vodka adds an intriguing hint of spirituousness without overpowering the citrus essence of this cake.

You can trust Beatrice Bakery Co. to deliver top-notch flavor and thoughtful ingredients in every Lemon Drop Liqueur Cake Bar. Their commitment to quality is baked into every loaf.

A Crowd-Pleasing Cake for Any Occasion

The Beatrice Bakery Co. Lemon Drop Liqueur Cake Bar is sure to satisfy every guest at your next gathering. Its bright yet balanced lemon-vodka flavor has wide appeal for all types of palates.

Bring it out for holiday celebrations, and let the sweet, sunny taste spark joy and cheer. Serve it at birthday parties or bridal showers, where the sophisticated liqueur twist adds a touch of distinction. Or simply enjoy a slice with coffee or tea for an afternoon pick-me-up.

For stylish entertaining, the Beatrice Bakery Co. Lemon Drop Liqueur Cake Bar always impresses. It arrives pre-sliced in a beautifully packaged 14 oz. box, ready to serve to your guests. No need to fuss with baking and decorating a cake yourself.

Effortless Entertaining Made Simple

With its supreme flavor and gorgeous packaging, the Beatrice Bakery Co. Lemon Drop Liqueur Cake makes entertaining delightfully easy. There’s no baking, no messy frosting, and no elaborate cake decorating involved. Simply open the box and you have an elegant cake ready to serve.

When it’s time for dessert, your guests will be wowed as you unveil this gourmet beauty. Watch their eyes light up when they take their first bite and experience the lively lemon-vodka flavor.

The Beatrice Bakery Co. Lemon Drop Liqueur Cake Bar takes the stress out of serving a stunning dessert. You get all the accolades while the master bakers at Beatrice Bakery Co. do all the work.

An Indulgent Cake for Everyday Enjoyment

Don’t save the Beatrice Bakery Co. Lemon Drop Liqueur Cake Bar just for special events. This cake is far too delicious not to enjoy whenever the mood strikes.

Keep a cake in the fridge for impromptu tea times and after-dinner treats. Just a small slice satisfies when you want something sweet. It’s the perfect balance of bright citrus and rich, tender crumb.

The cake bars also travel well in lunches as a sweet midday treat. Or take them along on weekend getaways and summer road trips for snacking in the car.

However and whenever you enjoy it, the Lemon Drop Liqueur Cake Bar from Beatrice Bakery Co. is sure to brighten your day.

Try This Beloved Bakery’s Signature Treat

For over a century, Beatrice Bakery Co. has perfected the craft of old-fashioned baking. The Lemon Drop Liqueur Cake Bar shows off their mastery with its decadent lemon-vodka flavor.

Bring the magic of this beloved bakery into your home with this signature cake bar. Let the sunny yet spirited flavor liven up your gatherings or everyday treats.

Every loaf promises the same commitment to quality and taste that Beatrice Bakery Co. has delivered since 1917. With one bite, you’ll see why they have stayed America’s favorite fruitcake and specialty bakery brand for generations.


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