Aunt Fannie’s All Natural Lavender Floor Cleaner – 32oz Concentrated Bottle



Give your floors a deep clean while avoiding harsh chemicals with Aunt Fannie’s concentrated natural floor cleaner. Infused with a calming lavender scent, this plant-powered formula is safe for sealed floors and gentle enough to use around kids and pets.

People & Pet Friendly Formula

Most floor cleaners contain synthetic fragrances, dyes, preservatives, and other questionable ingredients. Not Aunt Fannie’s. We skipped the chemical concoctions and chose simple, plant-derived ingredients like vinegar and soap bark. Our floor wash breaks up dirt, grease, and grime without irritating eyes or leaving behind a toxic residue. Use it worry-free around children and furry friends!

EWG Verified – A-Rating for Safety

You can trust Aunt Fannie’s natural cleaning formulas. We submitted our floor wash to the Environmental Working Group for analysis. They gave it their highest rating – A. This lets you know it meets EWG’s strictest standards for human health and safety. No dubious chemicals here!

Calming Lavender Scent

While scouring your floors, enjoy the soothing aroma of lavender essential oil. This natural oil not only makes your home smell amazing, but it can also promote feelings of calm and relaxation. Just what you need after a long day!

Concentrated for Economy

A little bit of our floor wash goes a long way. Each 32 oz bottle makes up to 64 gallons of natural floor cleaner. Simply dilute 1⁄2 cup per 2 gallons of water. Use this diluted solution to mop, scrub, or run through a floor cleaning machine. No need to buy cleaner again and again.

For Sealed Floors

Our plant-powered formula is designed for use on sealed hard floors. It’s great for materials like tile, linoleum, laminate, concrete, and finished hardwood. Check manufacturer instructions before using on more delicate floors. Avoid waxes and coatings.

How to Use

1. Add 1⁄2 cup concentrate to 2 gallons of warm water. For tough jobs, mix a stronger solution.

2. Dip your mop in the solution and wring out well before mopping.

3. Let solution sit for 2-3 minutes before scrubbing and mopping away.

4. Rinse with clean water or a vinegar solution. Allow floor to dry completely.

For Best Results

– Sweep or vacuum before mopping to remove loose dirt and debris
– Use warm or hot water to improve cleaning power
– Change mop heads often when cleaning large areas
– Avoid over-wetting your floors
– Rinse well to prevent streaks or residue
– Allow floors to dry fully before walking on them

Complete Your Green Clean

Pair Aunt Fannie’s Floor Wash with our other natural cleaners to green up your entire home:

– Counter & Surface Spray
– Glass & Window Vinegar Wash
– Fabric Refresher & Softener
– Bathroom Vinegar Wash
– Carpet Powder

Join the Green Cleaning Revolution

Aunt Fannie’s plant-powered formulas prove you can get a sparkling clean home without using harsh toxins. Ditch the chemicals and safely clean with ingredients you can feel good about. Your floors will shine, and your home will smell fresh and clean.

Order a bottle of concentrated Aunt Fannie’s Floor Wash today! Your floors, family, and pets will thank you.


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