Antepli Triangle(Carrot Slice) Fresh Baklava Dessert – Authentic Turkish Sweets for Holidays & Special Occasions



Indulge in the Rich, Sweet Taste of Turkish Hospitality with Antepli Baklava

Baklava is a cherished tradition in Turkish culture, a sweet expression of generosity and joy in celebrating life’s special moments. Our baklava honors this tradition by using only the finest ingredients to create a treat that melts in your mouth with layers of flaky, golden phyllo and the perfect balance of sweet, nutty flavor.

Made fresh in America with imported Turkish ingredients, Antepli baklava features premium phylo dough and real pistachios to achieve the perfect texture and taste. Each piece is carefully hand rolled and layered to create the ideal ratio of crispy, flakey phylo and rich, sweet pistachio filling. We finish it off with a fragrant syrup infused with orange blossom water and lemon for a tangy, floral sweetness.

Our baklava comes directly from our kitchen to your door so you can enjoy it fresh. The container is specially designed to maintain freshness and prevent the Baklava from drying out during shipping. Gift it to newlyweds, serve it at your next dinner party, or order it as a holiday dessert to wow your guests. However you choose to enjoy it, our Baklava is sure to be a highlight!

Treat Yourself to an Authentic Taste of Turkey

As Turkey’s most beloved dessert, baklava holds a special place in Turkish culture. More than just a sweet treat, it represents hospitality, celebration, and community. Turks have perfected the delicate art of baklava-making over centuries, and no dish better encapsulates the sweetness of Turkish culture.

Our Antepli baklava is crafted to honor this tradition by using the same techniques and ingredients perfected in Turkey over generations. We blend the rich essence of pistachios with the bright sweetness of fragrant orange blossom syrup to create a dessert that is uniquely Turkish. Every piece is a small taste of Turkey’s incredible cuisine and hospitality.

With its complex layers of textures and flavors, baklava is a dessert that excites the senses and warms the soul. Crisp, flaky phylo crunch yields to tender, nutty pistachio with a kiss of sweet, citrusy syrup. It’s a symphony of textures and flavors in one perfect bite. Our Antepli baklava brings this blissful experience straight from the bazaars of Turkey to your home.

The Perfect Holiday or Special Occasion Dessert

Baklava is a mainstay at celebrations and gatherings in Turkey and across the Middle East. The sweet, sticky pastry represents community, joy, and hospitality. Our baklava lets you bring this meaningful tradition to your own special occasions.

Surprise your guests at your next dinner party by serving authentic Turkish baklava for dessert. Delight family and friends at holiday gatherings by gifting boxes of our baklava as favors or desserts. Celebrate newlyweds with the traditional gift of this sweet treat. Our baklava makes a thoughtful gift for any occasion.

Because we make our baklava fresh in small batches, the phylo stays crispy instead of soggy, and the nuts taste rich and flavorful. Each piece offers a perfectly balanced bite of sweet and nutty flavors. When you serve our baklava, you give your loved ones the gift of an extraordinary dessert and a taste of time-honored Turkish culture.

Made Fresh with Premium Ingredients

Authentic Turkish baklava requires premium ingredients and skillful preparation. Our master bakers start with imported phylo dough that creates the perfect crisp, flaky texture when baked. We add premium pistachios, known as “the green gold of Turkey,” for their rich flavor and velvety texture.

The nut filling gets a hint of exotic spice from ground cardamom and cinnamon. Finally, we drizzle the baked pastry with a scented orange blossom and lemon syrup to give each bite a sweet kiss of bright citrus flavor.

Every ingredient is carefully selected and hand layered to create baklava worthy of celebrations and generous Turkish hospitality. We make Antepli baklava in small batches so you taste our commitment to quality and tradition in every piece.

Order Now to Experience Authentic Turkish Delight

Bring the joy of baklava straight from the bustling bazaars of Turkey to your next gathering. Our Antepli baklava makes an impressive dessert or unique food gift for any special occasion. Gift it to newlyweds in honor of Turkish tradition, serve it after your next dinner party to wow guests, or order it as a holiday treat. However you choose to enjoy it, our baklava offers an authentic taste of Turkey’s sweet hospitality.


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