Anderson’s Maple Syrup Pure Fuel Organic Maple Athletic Energy Drink 24 Fl Oz (Pack of 24)



Power your active lifestyle with the pure, natural energy of Anderson’s Maple Syrup Pure Fuel. This organic maple athletic drink provides sustainable energy from one ingredient – pure maple syrup. The wholesome maple fuel in each bottle is USDA certified organic and an excellent source of minerals like manganese, zinc, and calcium. Experience the tasty, low glycemic benefits of real maple fuel for your active days.

Made by a leading Vermont maple syrup producer, our Pure Fuel uses grade A dark amber maple syrup straight from maple trees. We simply filter and bottle the syrup, retaining all its natural nutrients and flavor. The result is a delicious, easy-to-digest source of energy for any activity.

Pure, Natural Fuel

Pure Fuel offers an all-natural boost from 100% pure maple syrup – nothing else added. Maple syrup provides a low glycemic, nutrient-rich fuel source thanks to its high concentration of minerals and antioxidants. Each serving offers:

  • 35% manganese DV
  • 15% riboflavin DV
  • 13% zinc DV
  • 12% calcium DV
  • 6% potassium DV

The minerals in maple syrup support energy metabolism, immune health, and electrolyte balance – key benefits for active lifestyles. And maple’s polyphenols provide antioxidant power to combat exercise stress.

Wholesome, Low Glycemic Energy

Forget sugary sports drinks! Pure Fuel offers sustained energy from organic maple syrup’s unprocessed sugars and low glycemic impact. The syrup’s natural combination of sucrose, fructose, glucose, and phenolic compounds provide an ideal energy source that is steadily released and easy to digest.

Pure maple syrup has a lower glycemic index than many sweeteners, resulting in a gentle blood sugar rise. This gives you lasting vim and vigor without the crash of high glycemic foods.

Delicious Taste

Pure Fuel brings the rich maple taste you love to your active lifestyle. Every batch is crafted using only organic grade A dark amber maple syrup to provide bold maple flavor with hints of caramel. The syrup comes straight from our family-owned maple farm in Vermont.

Maple’s natural sweetness makes this drink deliciously irresistible. You’ll look forward to refueling with the mouthwatering maple taste of Pure Fuel before, during, or after physical activity.

Convenient Fuel for Active Lifestyles

Keep maple fuel handy whenever you need an all-natural boost with the portability of Pure Fuel bottles. The 24-count case provides a ready supply for fitness, sports, hiking, camping, and other active pursuits.

The 12 fl. oz bottles are ideal for tossing in your gym bag, backpack, or car. Their lightweight plastic construction won’t weigh you down. Then just open, drink, and let organic maple syrup work its energizing magic.

Pure Fuel makes it easy to swap sugary sports drinks for the wholesome goodness of USDA organic maple syrup. Power your active lifestyle the natural way with Anderson’s Pure Fuel!


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