AncestryDNA: Genetic Ethnicity Test, DNA Ancestry Kit, Origins and Genealogy Self-Discovery



Discover your true ethnic origins and family ancestry with AncestryDNA. This simple, at-home DNA test provides a personalized analysis of your genetic ethnicity, mapping your origins across 2000+ regions worldwide.

AncestryDNA leverages cutting-edge technology to reveal the composition of your DNA. Identify ethnicities and geographic origins through a unique combination of advanced science, innovative analysis, and an extensive reference panel. Unlock the story of you with precise geographic detail and in-depth history.

Regain your roots through AncestryDNA. The world’s #1 selling consumer DNA kit will pinpoint your ethnic makeup and help guide genealogy searches to uncover your past.

With a simple activation and saliva sample, AncestryDNA allows you to discover ethnicities, inheritances, and living relatives you never knew existed. Gain a whole new perspective on what makes you, you.

Key AncestryDNA Features:

– Geographic ethnic origins across 2000+ global regions
– Paternal & maternal ethnicity estimates
– DNA matches to living relatives
– Innovative SideView comparison tool
– Simple, at-home saliva collection
– Online activation & prepaid return shipping
– Results in 6-8 weeks after lab receipt
– Ancestry subscription unlocks full family history potential

Take a journey of self-discovery with AncestryDNA. Order your test kit today and uncover the vivid story of your family history through the power of genetics.


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