AC Legg’s Snack Stick Seasoning, Cure, and Casings for 50 lbs of Meat



Make your own delicious snack sticks at home with this complete kit from AC Legg’s! This bundle includes everything you need to craft up to 50 pounds of scrumptious snack sticks, from the seasoning and cure to the collagen casings.

Two Packs of Seasoning Mix for 50 lbs of Meat

This kit contains two packs of AC Legg’s famous snack stick seasoning, enough to flavor 50 pounds of your favorite meat. This versatile blend of spices and herbs is specially formulated to give your snack sticks an incredible smoky, savory flavor. The seasoning contains spices like black pepper, mustard, paprika, garlic, and more. It brings out the natural flavors of beef, pork, venison, turkey, chicken, and other meats.

Cure for Optional Use

For those who want to cure their snack stick meat, this kit also includes a packet of cure #1 (Sodium Nitrite). This curing salt helps preserve meat and gives it that characteristic pink color. The cure is optional, so you can add it if you are cold smoking or drying your snack sticks. Follow the instructions carefully when using cure.

Fresh Collagen Casings

Stuff and shape your seasoned meat into the provided collagen casings. This bundle contains enough beef collagen casings to make approximately 50 pounds of snack sticks. The casings have a 21mm diameter, which is a standard size for snack sticks. Collagen casings have good strength and bite. They also allow your seasoned meat to develop that coveted dry, firm texture as the snack sticks dry and cure.

Make Delicious Homemade Snack Sticks

With the AC Legg’s Snack Stick Kit, you can easily recreate those popular snack sticks from the convenience store at home. Make beef sticks, pork sticks, smoked kielbasa, summer sausage sticks, deer sticks, turkey sticks, chicken sticks…the possibilities are endless! Control the flavors and ingredients that go into your snack sticks for a custom creation.

The seasoning provides a balanced blend of spices that gives snack sticks a signature bold, smoky taste. Garlic, mustard, black pepper and paprika are just some of the flavors that will come through. Use your favorite meats, game meats or poultry to make these one-of-a-kind protein-packed snacks.

Follow your own recipe, or use the recipes included with the seasoning packet. Mix the spices into ground meat along with any extras like cheese, jalapeños, or Kraut. Stuff the meat into the collagen casings, let sit in the refrigerator, then hang, smoke, dehydrate or oven bake. The collagen casings give the snack sticks a nice “bite” when eaten.

Snack Sticks Make Great Gifts, Appetizers & Healthy Snacks

Impress friends and family by gifting a batch of your homemade snack sticks! Bring them along to parties and barbecues too. Snack sticks are hearty and filling, so they make a savory appetizer or satisfying high-protein snack on-the-go. Keep a supply in your car, bag or desk drawer.

Collagen is a versatile protein with many health benefits as well. So snack sticks can be a nutritious choice. Dried, smoked and cured meats also have a longer shelf life.

With this all-in-one kit from AC Legg’s, you can easily make delicious gourmet snack sticks at a fraction of the store cost. Get creative with different meats, seasonings and preparation methods. Make this American classic at home!


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